Kidd & Jo ~ Enderong Resort, Tanarimba

It was perfect. I was initially afraid that Kidd and Jo’s intimate wedding ceremony at Enderong‘s poolside would be rained on, but the weather turned out to be perfect. As was the sweet and simple ceremony, as was their laidback dinner reception at the Annexe where they really got to catch up with each and every one of their guests.

I love the fact that the whole wedding was very much a team effort, with friends popping by early to help out with the decor, emceeing and coordination. One can immediately tell that Jo and Kidd have a tight knit group of friends who would cross the deep seas for them. Or at least in this case, drive 45 minutes out of town for them :p

More than all of the above, I love Kidd and Jo for how laidback they were in celebrating their wedding day. It wasn’t about having everything look pretty and perfect but I could feel that they just wanted to enjoy the day with their family and friends and just have everyone they love in one place to mark the day.

Cos if you think about it, that is the essence of having a wedding celebration.

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