Ranesh & Ganesh : A Celebration

Their wedding celebrations were epic. Not in the sense of grand decorations and venue epic but in the sense of an overflow of happy emotions, camaraderie epic. More than 90% of the photos that I shot during their menhndi, nalunggu, cocktails and temple ceremony are candid photos which bring a smile to my face as I edit them and relive the day.

Ranesh and Ganesh trusted me completely and let me be a fly on the wall throughout the 3-days of their wedding festivities and this allowed me to capture the wedding festivities as it happened and the emotions that I felt throughout were just pure joy. Like seriously. Maybe it’s something about being an empath and feeling the energy within the room but spending 3 days with them had me on a natural high and sense of gratitude throughout.

Seeing how much Ranesh and Ganesh immersed themselves into the festivities and truly enjoyed the time with their friends and family, reminded me that I should hold strong to my own beliefs and style of wedding photography, which is to capture moments as they unfold and not to be swayed by what I think could be the latest trend in the industry.

Am still in the midst of editing their photos but I’ve actually shared previews with them, some which I’ll share here too! Figured I better do it now before I end up procrastinating about blogging and let it be another year before these are posted these up! Thank you again R&G for giving me the honour of capturing all those moments for you, it is truly an honour.

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