Kenneth & Poh Wah

Kenneth and I went to the same gym a couple of years ago so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that he was Poh Wah’s fiancé! Hearing their sweet love story reminded me that love can pop up at the most unexpected times and curtail whatever previous plans you may have had, in an absolutely good way!

During the consultation session that I had with Kenneth and Poh Wah prior to their decision to hire me, I had asked them what their priorities were regarding photography. After coming to a conclusion that it’s something important for them but also something which they had a set budget for, we decided that I was just gonna shoot the church ceremony part of their wedding and I was absolutely happy to do so! To me, the wedding ceremony really is one of the most important parts of the day and to be chosen to shoot that for a couple is always, always an honour!

Their intimate church wedding ceremony was held at KL Wesley Church and I must say, these two were an absolute breeze to work with. Despite “forewarnings” from Kenneth that he was hard to photograph and Poh Wah was the natural one in front of the camera, when we got around to the portraits after the ceremony, they were both killing it!

I am not sharing much from the portraits portion of their day here as it would mean a gazillion of pictures in one post but here are some of my favourite candid ceremony and portraits from the day. It truly was such a fun morning of having these two beautiful souls in front of my lens.

P/S : Another part that I really love about their festivities? The fact that they had Muslim caterers providing lunch at the church canteen hall as many of Poh Wah’s Muslim colleagues were in attendance to celebrate the wedding as well! Talk about inclusitivity *cue heart eyes*.

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