KS & MH’s Bridal & Casual Portrait Session in Sabah

When KS & MH decided to have their pre-wedding session in Sabah, there wasn’t much they needed to worry about as hey, Kota Kinabalu is my hometown! It didn’t take too long to plan the logistics and thanks to the wonders of technology, we managed to lock down all the details for their session via WhatsApp 🙂

KS and MH were ever the cooperative and laidback couple as we drove up to the mountains for the formal part of their session and then down to Shangri-La Rasa Ria’s Dalit Beach for their casual portraits.

Despite earlier warnings from the two that they were going to be absolutely stiff in front of the camera, I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be the complete opposite! Love it when couples trust the process and choose to enjoy the moment as that really helps with the outcome of the photos.

Thanks again to Sherrie for gifting my services to KS and MH!

How cute are these two!

KS’ make up was done by Audrey Rantau and it stayed on beautifully from literally morning til night!

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