Sydney Family Portraits

Had the pleasure of meeting Hae Mee, Raymond, Sarah and Audrey when my previous client (and now friend!) Laura decided to gift them with a family portrait session 😀 It was a gorgeous weekend morning that I met this adorable family of 4 nearby the Sydney Opera House and we lucked out as there was barely anyone at the iconic location at that time of the day!

As with all family sessions involving young children, I always try to follow the pace of the little ones and also do my best to make it fun and not too tedious for them. I know this sounds awful but it helps too when little bribes (favourite snacks or toys) are available as a reward after the shoot. Anything to make the young ones happy I say!

Whilst I love taking fun shots of the kids running around, being in their element, I find that having a proper family portrait like this serves as a nice keepsake as well!

Sarah really is the sweetest big sister, constantly making sure that Audrey doesn’t get herself into trouble ;p

As you can see, the little ones know what their priorities are.

I feel you Audrey. Food is life.

Little ones are pooped! Always a pleasure to shoot families like yours Hae Mee <3

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