June & KS ~ Engagement Session

I actually met June through Kuok Sing’s sister when we went on a short hike. Then a few months later, without me realising it, June and Kuok Sing were actually in the same CPR course as me. And the funniest (or most embarrassing? LOL!) thing is, during the course, one of the questions which I asked the course leader was “How do I give CPR to my cats?”. In hindsight, it could’ve been that question which made them decide to hire me for their casual portrait session. Hehe…

June and KS’ portrait session shows that awesome shots can be taken at your home and even the empty plot of construction land across from your home :p The outdoor shots in this set were actually taken at City of Elmina, where there’s actually some nice green spots but also plenty of empty land around which are perfect as backdrops for a photo session!

Proximity of shoot aside, what I loooooved about their session was the inclusion of their fur babies. Pets are family so if you’ve ever thought about including them into your portrait session, I SAY YES! 100%! Cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, snakes – whatever pet you have, have them in as part of the session.

To top it off, the chemistry between June and KS made for an absolutely easy session. I barely had to guide them through the shoot as they were just mucking around with each other and giving me their best side (which is all sides) whenever I wanted a particular pose. You guys made my job way too easy and I love you for it!

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