Cheryl & Allan ~ A Wedding at Centennial Parklands

Whenever a bride-to-be writes to me and says that she had already decided to hire me as her wedding photographer years ago before she even met her husband-to-be, I feel a) really old and b) ABSOLUTELY HONOURED! Obviously the latter more than the former! So when Cheryl told me that, a part of me was tempted to tease Allan that she picked me first before she picked him (yes, I am also that asshole photographer :p).

Even tho I only managed to meet Cheryl and Allan when I arrived in Sydney, they were super friendly and treated me like a friend instead of just another vendor. Many of my couples do so and it’s a constant reminder that I am crazy blessed to be a wedding photographer. Thank you, thank you for being such awesome human beings, Cheryl and Allan!

Now let’s move on to some of my favourite pictures from the day!

Cheryl was definitely one of the most laidback brides I shot for 2017!

It was a sunny BUT super windy and chilly day in Sydney!

I love big trees so when they said they were getting married under the fig tree, I was like GAME ON!


You can’t tell from the picture but it was windy and cooooolllldddddd!!! Cheryl and I were both feeling it during the ceremony LOL!

Fun and silly couples brighten up my days!

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