Shaleene & Rajdave’s Garden ROM

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Even tho technically speaking, it was more than 6 months ago. Yes, I have not update my blog for that long, actually a bit longer but who’s counting right? 😉

Shaleene and Rajdave’s intimate registration of marriage was held at Le Meridien Putrajaya and I absolutely loved how tastefully done it was! Family and close friends were in attendance to celebrate their registration and Shaleene told me that the ceremony was their own party, done exactly the way they wanted to celebrate their nuptials. They lucked out with the weather as it turned out to be just nice for an outdoor ceremony and the yummy luncheon which followed was held at the open area nearby with endearing speeches by their parents and siblings.

Throughout the whole event, I was privy to how these two were constantly making fun of each other, all in good fun of course! And don’t get me started on the tummy pinching shots that they requested for! One just might share that in a separate post after I shoot their Punjabi wedding ceremony in December. Kidding!

Thanks again Shaleene and Rajdave for having me shoot the ROM! Look forward to December when I can torture you guys again. Muahahahahah!

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