Bun In (& Out Of!) The Oven

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been absolutely horrendous and completely backlogged with sharing photos on my social media, especially on this blog! Truth to be told, with the advent of Instagram and all the other platforms, it does make me wonder if anyone even checks out blogs anymore. And looking back on my posts, I used to share so much. Not only photos of my work, but personal pictures, current interests, just nonsensical rambling at times. I do wonder where that Anna went and when in the world did self censorship happened LOL!

Whilst sorting out archives I realised that I’ve not shared this bunch of photos that was shot in Singapore last year when A+J was pregnant and also not long after lil T was born. It’s always such an honour when a photographer gets to shoot the maternity and family portraits of a couple whose wedding you covered. Being able to help chronicle some of their relationship’s highlights truly is what I would consider a big task and these photos are something which I hope they’ll be able to look back on with fond memories. I mean, A makes pregnancy look hot and see how tiny lil T was! He just turned 1 a few days ago so this post is to celebrate that and to wish this lil trooper many many many healthy years ahead filled with an abundance of love!



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