Rae Turns 1!

I shot their pre-wedding, actual wedding day celebrations AND maternity session so when Yee Siew and Charles contacted me for a family portrait session, I was elated! I must admit, it also felt pretty surreal to see them as parents, with a little human being to take care of. But you know what, judging from the looks of it, they are doing mighty fine with how adorable and sweet lil Rae turned out!

Throughout the session, she hardly made a peep and just nonchalantly sat wherever Papa and Mama placed her. Also love the fact that she’s gentle with Munchkin, reckon other kids would’ve grabbed their family dog with a vice grip! LOL!

And what about when it started getting crazy humid and you could see her hair was sticking to her forehead cos of the sweat? No problem, all she needed was a biscuit so that aunty Anna could continue shooting her in all her cuteness.

Too. Adorable.

This session was shot just a few days before Rae’s 1st birthday and I am so happy that Yee Siew and Charles got me to shoot another milestone in their life. Here are some of my favourite shots from the day!











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