Indian Wedding Ceremony ~ Trishay & Crystal

Seeing that I was actually hired by the groom’s father to shoot the festivities, I never actually got to meet the couple until the start of the 3 day festivities itself. But as luck would have it, Trishay and Crystal were a breeze to shoot. With totally no expectations, except for having their fun and happy moments captured and a totally laidback demeanor throughout the celebrations as well as family members who were super duper hospitable, it turned out to be one of those shoots where I felt like I was a full on guest instead of the ‘hired photographer’ LOL!

As with many of the shoots that I’ve done, it wasn’t easy to pick which photos I want to share on the blog. But I’ve gotten to the point of not seeking perfection in my blog posts, and not having a fixed type of style as to how I blog. I figured that the important thing is that I don’t post up a crazy amount of photos and the photos are those which are close to my heart.

Pretty simple innit? 🙂 So with that in mind, here are some of my favourites from Trishay and Crystal’s traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

T&C_0214 copy



T&C_0357 copy

T&C_0237 copy

T&C_0517 copy

T&C_0563 copy

T&C_0623 copy


T&C_0648 copy

T&C_0643 copy

T&C_0867 copy

T&C_0870 copy copy

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