Bloom III – Portraits in Penang

About a month and a half ago, we had the third edition of Bloom Workshops on the historical island of Penang and I must admit, it was actually one of my favourite workshops out of the three not only cos there were so many awesome participants but also cos we had the opportunity to shoot around the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Instead of having a general workshop which covers many topics, we focused in on the different types of portraits – group shots, individuals, newborns, etc. And though it was just one main focus, 3 days just didn’t feel like enough time to share everything that we wanted to! I guess that’s what happens when you get four women together to teach a workshop ;p Kidding!

We also had the utmost pleasure of having the following partners sponsoring our workshop;
Schmidt Marketing
WCA Fine Arts
Kitty Bakes
My Hyper Store
Black Milk Studio
Barnyard & Prairie
That Special Occassion

A heartfelt thanks again to our sponsors, volunteer models and all the participants for joining in the third Bloom Workshops! For us, the weekend wasn’t just about sharing what we’ve learnt but it was also a weekend filled with new friends, laughter and good food! Not to mention some sweaty times during the on-location shoots 😉

Bloom III_Group Shot

On behalf of the Asther, Fiona and Grace, I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank not only the participants from this workshop, but also the participants from our previous workshops for having taken time off to hang with us during all three workshops! We sincerely hope that you’ve managed to apply what you’ve learnt during the sessions into your photography, be it if you’re a full-time photographer, a weekend warrior or an enthusiast!

Some of you may already know that due to our drastically different work and personal life schedule, this is actually the last Bloom Workshop that we’ll be having as a team. And no, I doubt we’ll be doing a ‘Spice Girls’ kinda reunion anytime soon 😉

However, from what I’ve gathered, there may be individual workshops for 2014 😀 ….
– Asther is planning to conduct a newborn photography workshop within first half of 2014 and she’s opening up her new studio in Subang very very soon! You can get more updates on that via her Facebook page here.
– Fiona’s team will be focusing on expanding both their photography and videography sections, and this covers not only commercial but also wedding and portrait sessions. Follow them here.
– Grace is busy with a gazillion projects at the moment but she is planning to conduct a workshop in 2014 as well! You can follow her company’s Facebook page here for more updates

As for myself, I seriously haven’t planned out 2014 yet. It’s already the final quarter for 2013 and I’m just like “Whaaaatttt? Where has the time gone?”. Will definitely keep y’all posted if I have something up my sleeves 😉

Thank you again to everyone who has been with us since the beginning of Bloom Workshops. From something which started off as a random suggestion during a catch up lunch, I actually didn’t expect it to come this far. It certainly has been a great journey! xx

A collage of random pics from the Penang weekend 🙂 For more pics of the workshop, check out this link.

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