Bloom Workshops II

I’ve been meaning to write this since August 2012, when we had our second Bloom Workshops at the KLPAC. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the girls that it was an exciting time for us all, a crazily busy time but fun nonetheless 🙂

Due to positive response from photography enthusiasts during our inaugural workshop, we had decided to open up the second workshop for both the ladies and gents, not only professional photographers but enthusiasts who were looking to better their craft and maybe even take the leap into making it a career.

With the tagline of from ‘Passion to Skill’, the workshop wasn’t only about taking photos but the reality of all that was involved in running a photography business such as client interaction before the shoot itself, to marketing the business, copyright details as well as post shoot work.

We were also privileged to have the following brands partnering up with us for the workshop and sharing with us their insights on their respective products;
WCA Fine Arts

That being said, it wasn’t all talk-talk-talk ;p My favourite part of the workshop was when we had the practical session where we had four different ‘stations’ and did a rotation scheme whereby small groups of participants had the opportunity to shoot (with their cameras. obviously ;p) four different ‘types’ of subjects – an engagement session, a bridal session, a maternity session and an individual portrait session.

It was a good opportunity for all of us to share our insights on how we really shoot in different situations and a great time for participants to get hands on with the process of it. Good times indeed 🙂

Bloom Workshop II_BTS




And you know what? One year later, we’re planning our third workshop! Yes, Bloom Workshops is gonna have another workshop and this time, it’ll be focused on covering the many facets of posing. We’ve also allocated time for live shoots in the vibrant streets of historical Penang.

Check out our workshop details page here if you’re keen on finding out more about the programme for the three-day workshop 🙂 Can’t wait for August to come around!

  1. Awwwh. Will you still have this course next year ? I’m in my SPM year now 🙁 I would be really interested if there is going to be a workshop held next year. Pretty please :3

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