Past & Present

Taking a couple of minutes off real work to do a quick recap of 2012 made me realise just how abundant my life is. To be blessed with travel opportunities, the companionship of old and new friends, memorable experiences, all this and more fill me with gratitude and hope that 2013 would be even better.

Looking back, 2012 was the year that I;
~ conducted a workshop for the first time, not once but twice, with Bloom Workshops in March and August
~ splurged on travelling and went to Tokyo, Tasmania and Melbourne for the first time.
~ hiked up Mount Kinabalu for the 4th time and went up Mount Fuji for the 1st time.
~ quit smoking after 17 years. Not exactly voluntarily as I had acid reflux but have been off it for more than 6 months now :p Fingers crossed for good!
~ found a cosy (a.k.a super small) little apartment in October and decided to make it my first real adult purchase (still in the process of getting it!)
~ had a near death experience, also in October, when I went into an anaphylaxis shock after getting stung by two bees whilst hiking. Survived that thanks to a friend’s supply of anti-histamines.
~ had shoots in Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh, Perth, Kuantan, Langkawi, Singapore and Hong Kong and all this reminded me that I am super blessed to be able to travel for work
~ and I celebrated my fifth year anniversary doing what I love doing for a living 🙂

It was a good year. But now that that’s in the past, at present I’m really looking forward to 2013, with dreams which I intend to materialise and some positive changes in terms of achieving the right work-life balance as well as fitness and health related goals to work on.

May we all have an awesome 2013 ahead and be able to realise just how blessed we are to have all that we do.

Much love and appreciation xx

  1. Hi Anna,

    Don’t think you remember me but we met back in 2009 at that mini-gathering you held ‘paying it forward’ in Damansara. Good to see you are still going strong in the photography business. Keep it up!

    P/S: It’s good that you quit smoking too lol!

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