Dave & Grazzi

With only the expectations of discovering a new country and gaining new memories and experiences, an English boy and a Brazilian girl meets whilst backpacking through Australia. What most would’ve thought of as a summer romance turned to be something real, real enough to build a life together in a country far away from home. Guess one never knows when or where to expect love 😉

Dave and Grazzi, who would’ve thought that when you both set out on your travels that you would meet the love of your life? Some call it fate, some may call it destiny. Whatever it may be, seeing you two together, working towards the same goal (and making good progress too!) warms my heart. I do hope the next time I see you two would be when you have even happier news to share *hint*hint* Miss you both tons!

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  1. Anna-Rina,

    You are such a beautiful soul! Thank you for always seeing the best of “us”.

    Lots of love
    Grazzi and Dave

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