I was recently in Perth and had the pleasure of meeting up with P+S+S whom I’ve worked with twice prior to this when they were still staying in Malaysia. You can imagine how easy the session was since these three were already seasoned pro’s by then 😉

We wandered the streets of Fremantle then headed to Leighton Beach to catch the sunset and I must say, what made these my favourite shots was because they trusted me fully and just set out to have fun during the session. Thank you again for having me shoot your family session 🙂 Heartfelt gratitude as capturing memories for famillies like yours remind me just how blessed I am to be doing what I am.

Much love! x

That must’ve been a really good dirty joke if it got you two laughing so hard 😉

However much older you get, you’ll always be mummy and daddy’s little girl 😉

Love, love, love these three shots. You three make my heart glow :*)

Jumping shots are compulsory for beach sessions! Yes, it’s an unspoken rule in my books 😉

  1. Juts thought I’d drop a line. Found ur blog through friends. It’s amazing how you find the beauty in everyone, and tell a story with your pictures. Keep it up. You’re really good! Got me to post a comment! haha. Cheers.

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