Lez Ann & Christian

I met Lez Ann and Christian during Su Ann and Jak Tim‘s wedding back in 2010 and I remember thinking to myself that, just like her sister, Lez Ann would make a gorgeous bride. And 2 years down the road, she proved me right. Well, to give Christian credit, he didn’t look too shabby himself 😉

These two newlyweds celebrated their nuptials just two days ago and I was lucky enough to shoot their pre-wedding session in Kota Kinabalu a couple of weeks prior to the day. Christian and Lez, thank you so much for flying to Sabah whilst I was there despite your super tight schedule. I had loadsa fun hanging out with you both and trust me when I say that working with you was an absolute pleasure 😀 Here’s to many happy years ahead filled with good times, mutual love and great travels!

  1. Lovely pix Anna!!! Love these photos.. The second pic with Lez in green looks uncannily like me hahaha n a similar shot too! Hugs

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. They are just fantastic – love the beach shots and my favourite one is the very last with the sunset 🙂

  3. dearest Anna, you are an incredible photographer!!! Thank you for such a gorgeous time in KK! Watching the sunset with you and Christian was absolutely amazing..

    Thank you for all the kind wishes 🙂 now, my turn… Hehehe i wish you wonderful abundance, good health, LOVE, joy and all the sugar sugar in the world! Bo Bo go sing!!!! Xxx love, Christian and Lez Ann.

  4. When i was browsing the first few photos in their fb album, i was thinking…hmmm, why these works look so much alike anna-rina’s 1.. when i jump out to the album description, it’s anna-rina! I can recognise your shooting style~ Always been admiring your work 😉

  5. Hi Anna! Lovely pictures i must tell ya! 🙂 Stumbled upon your page on Google, and stuck browsing it for hours. Haha.

    By the way, how did you take the pictures where the sun is in the background and the pictures seems like it being masked and blurred with lights. Did you simply overexpose the picture?

    It would be very kind of you if you can share a bit on that. 🙂

  6. Found your site last 2 years, and been browsing but never have the guts to leave any comments up till now.
    You’re very very talented. and i love every of the pics! even it’s just maybe same pose (with other photographers) but i still can sense the difference. the sincerity, the passion is there. i think u can understand what i mean. 🙂 Keep up the good work Anna! and for sure, if God’s will, i want you to be my photographer. Have a blessed day Anna! 🙂

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