Epic Year

It’s 1230 midnight and I’m sitting on the couch with the laptop, supposedly culling pictures from my last wedding shoot for 2011, which was just a few hours ago. But then I thought, that can wait, cos it’s been awhile since I last wrote a personal blogpost. Might as well get it done now, on the last day of 2011. Perhaps this could be a precedent for the new year?

2011 has been epic for me. Like beyond belief.

I’ve shot weddings which will forever stay in my memory. Met people who’ve made a mark in my life. Travelled to places that I’ve only dreamt of visiting. Have friends who remind me that there’s always someone who cares, even though you’re away from home. I’ll be frank with you, sometimes I feel so blessed that I get teary eyed. Don’t worry, that usually happens when I’m driving home after an awesome shoot 😉

Some say all this happens cos I work hard for it. Whilst that may be partially true, I believe that it’s also because I’ve been given the opportunity by so many wonderful people. People who open up their lives for one day and invite me in to capture some of their happy moments. You know who you are. Thank you for entrusting me with your memories. Thank you for being my friend. I am forever grateful.

Here I am. “Working” 😉 Thanks Ndrew for the shot.

I don’t know what’s in store for the new year. But I do know that whilst I’ll continue working as hard as I have this year, I’ll also be making room to spend more time with my parents who are in KK and also to recharge Annagizer in between of shoots 😉 As for the rest, we’ll see what comes my way.

Here’s wishing everyone a blessed 2012.

Much Love & Appreciation

Edit : Just reread this letter to myself from end 2009. Dammit, still going through the panda eyes and breakouts -___-“

  1. dear kak anna, u are such a jewel yourself..your writing, your capturing upper most, shows how sweet, loving and jovial person you are. the way you made people see like as though they know you personally…i wish i know you personally.because for every touch of your captured just bring it to life. n i who never missed any single shots of your posting be it in your website, you fb you twitter..i just follow you where ever you go..ahahah sounds scary..well dont be..not that im a pengintip…hahahah more or like your regular fan :D…i adore you so muuchhh..adore your work especially..suka sgt! i wish one day, i am able to meet u personally. i wouldnt know what would my daily watch on my laptop be like if you are no more doing photographing…i would be devastated with the whole thing..keep coming with your super duper excellent capture..i will sure to support you all the way.. happy new year kak anna 🙂

    <3 ,
    Shereen Zahiran

  2. Anna, you are the epitome of warmth, sincerity & bursting energy. You thoroughly deserve everything good you’ve accomplished! 🙂

    PS. My soft spot for East Malaysia(ns) have absolutely nothing to do with the comment I just left. 😛

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