Pimp Me

Yes. It is true. I need to be pimped out. Well, my photography services I mean.

Cos I’m heading to the shores of UK in August! Will be in that part of the world for a couple of weeks and there’ll be limited dates available for portrait sessions 😀 wOOt!

So if you’re gonna be in UK come August, or if you have any friends or family there who are keen on a fun-filled portrait session and would like more info, gimme a holler 😉 I’ll repost this again closer to the date juuuuuust incase someone misses out on it ;p Y’all have a good day ahead!

Much Love

  1. hohohoo.. awesome achievement! Your great work has been recognize by other people in the world Anna.. thats why you got an assignment there.. Good Luck Anna! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. hi, Rina… while i browsing some info on villamay..saw yr blog n website. Impressive with your work!
    Good Job 🙂 Hope i will have a chance to engage u, BTW how much is your professional service for family portrait?

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