Where do I begin?

There’s just so many things I wanna share about Turkey – the super hospitable Turkish people, the amazing architecture, the absolutely gorgeous natural sights. It was by far, one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and totally worth every single cent saved up for it. Throughout the 14 days of being in Turkey, I would occasionally pause and say to myself “Wow. I really am in Turkey!”. That’s how surreal it was for me 🙂

But since I’ve got a couple of deadlines to meet (eeeks!), I won’t write much about it here but just share a general overview of the entire trip. Besides Istanbul, these below images were taken in Selcuk, Sirince, Ephesus, Pamukkale and in Cappadocia.

Turkey is definitely a country that I’ll visit again in the future and a destination that I would highly recommend to my friends and clients. For now, I’ll just look back upon these pictures and relive the memories 😉

First thing I noticed, there are a LOT of cats. Every few feet I’d be going “Here kitty, kitty” :p

Sultanhamet Mosque

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…”

Inside Ayasofya. It left me flabbergasted.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Did I mention there’s a lot of cats all around Turkey? ;p


Both the below pictures were shot in Pamukkale. Check out the totally different landscape! Pic on right shot by my travel buddy and fellow photographer Adam Ong. Thanks bro 😀

Goreme, Cappadocia

Meat, meat, meat. Bread, bread, bread.

At the Goreme Open Air Museum

I know what you’re thinking. Dirty minded people, you. Tsk tsk tsk :p

The 1-hour hot air balloon ride over the valleys in Cappadocia was quite an experience! Felt like a lil kid again 🙂 

Uchisar Castle

Gule gule Turkiye! I’ll be back 🙂

P/S – Incase you’re wondering, no. I didn’t shoot my “best-seller series of camwhoring” in Turkey ;p

  1. I love your Turkey shots….I can’t wait to be there in October. Anyway, what lens did you bring there? I intend to take lotsa pictures but put off by the idea of lugging stuffs. Did you need tripod?

  2. awesome awesome pics! i was there 2 years ago… and it was just such an awesome place to explore! i wouldn’t mind going back to this place again. 🙂

  3. Hi there! My name is Matt and I’m a Chinese photography enthusiast based in the Philippines. I happened to stumble onto your blog this morning and I’ve been on your site the whole day since! I’ve also visited your old blog and I must say, your style has improved so much from 2 years ago! I admire your work a lot an aspire to be someone much like you. I wish many many more great shots for you!

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  5. hi, i just spent two solid hours just scrolling through your blog.
    your pictures are so beautiful, i love that they are multicultural,
    and that i can feel the happiness radiating through your photos.
    looking at the photos make me happy as well.
    keep up the fantastic job.
    thanks for sharing.

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