A Celebration

I had wanted to wax lyrical about how grateful I am
~ to celebrate another year of life
~ to be able to take some time off
~ to have the best friends, clients and support in the world
~ that I’m absolutely blessed to be doing something I love, love, love.

But because I would go on and on and on about the above, I’m just gonna write this blogpost to remind myself that it doesn’t take a birthday to celebrate life, that every single day is a celebration cos I never know when it’s gonna be my last one. Not saying that in a morbid way but just reminding myself to live it up 🙂

You’d all say that I’m cheesy or cliched for writing this but seriously, there are days when my heart is bursting with gratitude that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my life this way and to meet the people who have crossed my path. And I just wanna say this before it’s too late, cos you never know what’s gonna happen in the next minute, the next hour, the next day.

To blogreaders who check out this lil blog of mine once in awhile and leave a comment, thanks so much for dropping by 🙂
To my clients, thank you for trusting me to capture your memories, for opening your lives to me briefly, for allowing me to ‘cheese’ things up 😉
To my friends, I don’t tell you all this, but your friendship, however brief or long it has been, leaves a mark in my life, reminds me that someone cares even though I’m far away from home and for that, I love you.
To my family, I love you not only because we’re bound by blood, but because at the end of the day, you are my constant.

And because a blog post doesn’t feel complete without a picture or two, below are some shots from my recent Rawa Island birthday getaway 🙂

Much Love & Gratitude xx

  1. What a lovely message, profound words they are 🙂
    It was a great honor to have played a small part in this celebration in such a scenic, picturesque little island.
    Amazing work you have on here (And Im taking note of your Camwhoring tips for my future travels) 😛

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