(Ultimate) Camwhoring in Cambodia

Based on these pictures, I reckon I should organise a workshop called “Travelling Camwhore – Have No Fear About Not Having Nice Shots of Yourself When You Travel Alone” Please look thru’ description of each picture for tips on how to camwhore like someone else is shooting you 😀

Info: All images are from September 2010 and they were shot in Siem Reap by me, of me using the Canon 5DMKII’s self timer and the 50mm f1.4 or 24mm f1.4 lens. Camera was placed on available surfaces (on top of a clean cloth of course!), no tripod. And yes, I might just be Kuala Lumpur’s most vain photographer.

Tip # 1: Do not camwhore too far away from the camera, especially when all you’ve got is a 10-second timer and no remote.
I learnt this after running back and forth no less than 3 times and all I got was this butt shot -_-”

Tip #2: If you’re not comfy with putting on a fake smile for more than 10 seconds, look away from the camera. I call this the “emo shot”.

Tip #3: In dark hallways, you can always have a “looking back” shot ala “What’s that I just heard?” expression.

Tip #4: Pick spots with nice natural or available light, hence no worries about flash!

Tip #5: Perfectly alright to look at the camera while camwhoring, but try not to do it too much cos it’ll look too obvious that you’re camwhoring.

Tip #6: Yes, tons of other tourists were walking on this main street toward/from the temples. But HAVE NO SHAME.
Shame is the only thing separating you from being a normal tourist and an ULTIMATE CAMWHORING tourist :p

Tip #7: Even showing a small part of your body is considered camwhoring, be proud of that small achievement 😀

Tip #8: When you have shots where you’re looking away from the camera, people won’t even realise you’re actually camwhoring using the camera’s timer!

Tip #9: Do include the standard tourist shots. And try to find a straight, level surface for your camera instead of a crooked one like I did -___-”

Tip #10: As you can’t set the focus point properly when you’re camwhoring, set the aperture tight, say at least f5.6 to ensure you’re sharp in the picture.
In this case, I have failed 🙁

Tip #11: You don’t have to be in the middle of the shot. Especially when the only surface you can find for your camera is above your head -_-”

Tip #12: Attempt something candid. Your viewers won’t know its posed :p
And your friends won’t think you’re a loser for having to go on a holiday by yourself -_-”

And that concludes this edition of “Ultimate Camwhoring”. Will there be more to come? Well that remains to be seen on how much further I can go as a ‘camwhorer’ 😉 Happy Sunday friends!

Edit: This blogpost was just for laughs and I don’t exactly recommend placing your camera and walking away from it in public places. In the cases of the above shots, these pics were taken within the Angkor Archaeological Park, at areas where there weren’t that many tourists, after ‘surveying’ the venue for possibility of snatch theft and camwhoring was only done when I was 95% sure that my babies weren’t gonna be snatched away.


  1. haha!!! great shots. thanks for the tips. i shall attempt this when i got the chance to travel solo which is dunno when or just on a random weekend photoshoots :p


  2. hi anna, may i ask, ur tip #3, how did u get ur camera to shoot like that, i mean, DIY. did u use tripod semi low, or…supported by ur bag? or what? coz, with the angle and ur depth of field, kind of looking amazing

  3. Anna-Rina…you brilliant woman. Love the shots from this travel series (and ALL your other pictures of course). So, so proud of you and the rich journey that you’re on; you’re definitely on the right track. Did you know you’ve made my day countless of times with your inspiring and honest pictures? Just thought you should know. 🙂

    From one Sabahan girl to another.

  4. hey, could i have some idea…
    what is the best picture for theme “wild in grand canyon” using one model…..
    can u help me?

  5. came across your website after I googled ‘cam whoring’ and yours on the first page…. Nice post and really enjoying reading it. Thanks for sharing some tips 🙂

  6. hye anna..i have to say that i’ve been admiring ur work for some time now…& this album is by far 1 of my fav besides the others..regardless,even when u’re camwhorring pun,ur pictures turned up nice aje…keep up the good work & hope that i can get to meet u some day…


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