Thank You 2010!

Whoa! Sure feels like 2010 just passed by in the blink of an eye. It must’ve been because I was having too much fun doing what I love 🙂

Definitely looking forward to dive into 2011 though. Honestly, I didn’t set any so-called-resolutions for the new year. What I know is, not only do I want to continue with this, but I’m going to strive to improve, be a better photographer, businessperson, friend, daughter, in general a better person.

And as always, I am ever grateful for every opportunity and support given by my friends, family and clients. Y’all rock my world, big time! Here’s to a rip roaring successful 2011 ahead for us all, not only with our career but personal relationships as well 🙂 Keep yer heads up high!

Much Love & Gratitude. x

  1. Happy New Year Anna. Like your photo very much. Very natural, happy candid style . I do feel the joy when looking at your photos . You just can catch the right moment at the right time. chun lah.

    Hope to more of your photos in the near future soon. Take care. Bye

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