Love You Daddy :D

Since its Father’s Day weekend, Daddy here’s a quick note to remind you that we love youuuuuuu 😀

It was nice staying back a few days after my clients’ wedding last week to be there for your 71st birthday and I wasn’t joking when I said you are going to be around until the day I get married…which means you’ll be around for quite awhile. So you better take care of yourself, stay healthy, drink loadsa water, keep up your fitness regime at the gym cause I want you to give me away when the day comes 🙂 Now you just need to give me some time to find a man. Heeheehee…

I meant it when I said that what you have done for us, all the hard work that you put in last time is immeasurable and in my lifetime, I would never be able to repay you back. You always say that you wish you could’ve done more for us, but Daddy, what you and Mum have done for us is enough for me. Parents don’t get manuals when they have kids and I reckon parenting is something you learn along the way. You and Mum have done the best you can and I totally appreciate that, and way more.

You gave me the love of reading and funnily enough, the older I am, the more I eat like you. I used to find half boiled eggs, tomato juice and dragonfruits disgusting. But now I love them 😀 And not forgetting, being active and travelling! I still remember when you used to lift weights and now I’m doing it. Yay! And Daddy, I plan on going to all the places you’ve travelled to and take pictures of the exact same spots where you were standing. I just need a few more years to cover all the countries! Frankly speaking, though I love being like you, I sure am glad I didn’t get those Mickey Mouse ears! Kidding Daddy, juuuuust kidding ;p

I’ll see you again next month, then we’ll go have sashimi and eat ‘ngiu chap’ together k? You have a good weekend with fatty and Adam koko 😀 Love you!

Oh and before I forget, here’s one of my favourite shots of you and your ‘girlfriend’ ;D

Lil One

  1. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I have to find the balls to tell dady (my dad, that is) what him and momy have done for us. Love you Anna for being completely honest and filling your posts with lots of love! oh, and not just your dad, but you must take care of yourself as well. I plan to have a family session with Y-O-U as our shooter (in a photographic sense, of course)… not now, but once I get enough dough! It’ll be a gift from me to my family! God bless you Anna Rina!

    1. Magdalen:A closer look might rvaeel a rather bewildered look on the face of that bear, indicating confusion about his surroundings and how he happened to get there. Perhaps it has something to do with Wildlife Management or Child Protective Services. Also, notice the banana peal left carelessly on the dirt road above. A clear indication of simian presence.

  2. I wonder if you can recognize me. 🙂 I love your style, like seriously. Like a sunshine girl while I’m the dark and twisty girl. Keke. Can’t wait to see the artworks, I really mean it, it’s an ARTWORK. A master one! Hope to hear from you soon. And, you caught the best moments of people. All the photos in this entry tell us that. 🙂

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