Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

And to celebrate all the mama’s in the world, Elevyn (a fair trade online store which also provides an innovative platform to raise money for social causes) has organised a contest whereby one of the prizes is a family portrait session from Anna-Rina Photography (that’s me, d-uh). wOOt!

Head over to http://www.elevyn.com/mom for more details 🙂 You can also check out KLue’s write-up on Elevyn’s efforts here, their article is waaaay more comprehensive than my errr…substandard writing.

The ironic thing is, I won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mum this year. Since I’ll be busy shooting this weekend, here’s an early “Happy Mothers Day” wish to her…

Mummy, ok fatty might have to translate this for you since you’re much more comfortable with reading Chinese, but I just wanted to say I love you. Sure, we were all terrified of you as kids, but I know beneath that Hokkien loud mouthed, tough demeanor, you’re just a big ol’ softie inside. We’re alike that way 😉 Even though we don’t show it that often, remember that Daddy and us kids appreciate every single thing that you’ve done.

You always decline offers of help from others, choosing instead to help others even back when we didn’t have much money at home. You gave me your blessings when I was 18 and wanted to leave home and start working in KL. And when you were going through your chemo a couple of years ago, you didn’t complain one single bit and even though I couldn’t spend much time with you then, you never put me through a guilt trip. That, I could do myself. Sorry for not being there more 🙁

Now that you’ve recovered, you’re so independent it drives me nuts sometimes when you say you still wanna continue working at your friend’s shop even though I say you don’t need to and that you should be taking it easy at home. And even though you complain about Daddy sometimes, no wait, make that all the time, you are still around, taking care of him. So yeah, its quite obvious you still love him despite all the nagging you do 😉 But cut down on the nagging k? It ain’t good for your blood pressure :p

Thank you for raising me up and constantly reminding me to be (I hope) independent, (somewhat) hardworking and (sometimes) humble. From you, I’ve got my gift of gab and like your younger days, I am quite the camwhore ;p However, there’s only one thing I didn’t get from you and that’s the art of cooking. Mummy, you’re too good of a cook and you spoilt me in that aspect by never letting me enter your kitchen! 

In the recent years, everytime I made a birthday wish or whenever I saw a shooting star (yes Mummy, I am very cheesy), my main wish is that you and Daddy are happy, truly happy. Take care of yourself, don’t stay out too late and don’t worry too much about me k? (don’t I sound like you? ;D)

With all my heart, I love you. See you in June! xoxo

  1. so sweet… dont think i’ll able to pull off something like this. whole family like that but we all love our parents very much.

    gonna take half day leave today coz my parents are coming to visit me! yay!

  2. An amazing touching post nonetheless from my BFF! 😉 Wonders why he doesnt see this side of her much! 😉

  3. LOL same here! my mother would never let me help her cook because i’m left-handed. she says it looks strange and dangerous when i’m cooking. :p

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there.

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