Rene & Nazilla

Who could ever guess, that ushering in the New Year over dinner with your parents, could mean meeting your soulmate? Well, that’s just what happened with Nazilla and Rene, when Nazilla and her parents had dinner at the Mussel Bar in Fremantle during New Year’s Eve and Nazilla’s brother introduced her to Rene then. A whirlwind romance ensued and within a couple of months, Rene flew to KL to seek Nazilla’s Dad’s permission to marry her.

When Nazilla and Rene shared their story with me, I thought it was absolutely sweet that two individuals from different ends of the world met in what is now their second home. And when I shot their solemnisation ceremony in Mirrabooka Mosque, I thought to myself how lucky I was to be able to partake in such an intimate ceremony.

A day after the ceremony, I spent some time with the newlyweds and we went around Fremantle for some bridal shots. Let me tell you, Nazilla and Rene were a dream to shoot! Not only were they unabashedly in love, they were absolute naturals in front of the camera too 🙂 Here’s a lil’ sampling just to let you see how natural AND gorgeous they are 😉

Nazilla and Rene, thanks again for having me be part of your ceremony 🙂 This may sound super corny, but it’s seeing couples like you two which reinforce my believe that when it comes to marrying your other half, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating. You went ahead and followed what your heart said and that’s what I love about you two. Here’s wishing you love, laughter and many hearty moments to come! And ok, I’ll quit asking you two to make beautiful babies pronto ;p

  1. I like your work. Mostly because of how you let most of your pictures show how much you love the light. & your style is consistent.
    Also how someo f your pics looks almost unedited. Most people put to much emphasis on exposure & sharpness & all those technical crap that they forget what pictures are for – Our emotions, & our memories. Your style have soul in it. Shall keep an eye out for your work..

  2. Your pictures has always make me fall in love again, and again. When I really found that true love, I’mma make sure u’ll be my wedding photographer! Haha 😀 Have fun in Aussie while it last….I want souvenirs can? :p

  3. Anna oh Anna! These pictures are truly beautiful and we’re so glad to have you as the photographer for the wedding. Thank you again, for the zillionth time! 😀

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