Kenneth & Kee Li

As I drove to Lumut, I did a mental sun dance, hoping that the weather would hold for Kenneth and Kee Li’s beach reception. And thanks to the big Kahuna up there, the weather was splendid! Upon arriving at Pangkor Laut Resort, I headed straight to Kenneth and Kee Li’s villa and we started our portrait session immediately. After that we headed over to Emerald Bay where the intimate beach reception was held.

And let me tell you, this reception definitely goes into my top ten list of the most fun, meaningful receptions that I’ve shot (so did the previous two! What luck, three awesome intimate weddings in a row :D). To be with your family members and closest friends, touching and funny wishes from everyone to the newlyweds, performances by their friends (Kee Li’s friends sang & danced to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’!), a huuuuge surprise for the bride from the groom that made her bawl her eyes out ;p, heartfelt thank you speeches from the couple, having fun and I mean REALLY having fun throughout the night – THIS is how a wedding should be celebrated. Together with Jasemaine, who did the videography for their wedding, we agreed that it was indeed a fun-filled celebration!

Without further ado, here’s some of my favourite shots from the short and sweet portrait session followed by shots from the beach reception. Enjoy!

Before heading over to Emerald Bay where the beach reception was to be held, I took some prep shots of Kee Li. 
Check out the awesome caricature painting on the right? It was a gift from one of Kenneth and Kee Li’s talented friend.

Pangkor Laut Resort’s wedding planner did an awesome job with the decor. 

Kee Li’s grand entrance with her parents 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous!

Cheers to the newlyweds!

Part of the night’s festivities. Kenneth’s younger brother and sister were the emcees for the night and let me tell you, they were FANTABULOUS! Like professionals, they kept everyone entertained throughout the night. Hmmm….lemme check whether or not they’re available for hire 😉 

Ooooo…we were blessed with lovely weather. 
Dedications to, and from, family and friends 🙂

Kee Li and Kenneth, it was great to see you two have fun that night. And you know what I loved? I loved the fact that your parents were agreeable to you two having a small, meaningful reception instead of a huge banquet where you wouldn’t know half the guests ;p That fact allowed you to really celebrate your union with the ones who matter most in your lives and it was a pleasure to be part of such a joyous occassion.

Kenneth, hats off to you for pulling off such a big surprise for your lovely bride. You are a man of few words but when you start talking (or in this case singing ;p), you sure did impress everybody. And Kee Li, you were absolutely gorgeous that night. Yes, there were loads of tears going on but they were tears of joy and I am so happy for you two! Thank you again for having me be part of the celebrations 🙂 Here’s to love, laughter and many more happy occasions for your years ahead!

  1. Awesome pictures… you basically had everything covered nicely, colors, composition, sharpness, emotion and many more.
    one question do shoot with high ISO very often using the 5D MKII magical power and the super chun 24-70 2.8?

  2. @Naqib – Yes they were! The guys had pirate hats and the ladies had lovely laurels (err..I think that’s what you call the rings of flowers :p). A lot of other detail shots I didn’t post up, it was a lovely reception 🙂
    @Leon: Whoa. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I shoot with high ISO only at night/dark locations and yes, the 24-70 is used during receptions and wedding ceremonies 🙂 Love my gears!

  3. Thanks to the wonder of google *chuckles*, I manage to find your site again. I used to watch your work on Flickr while doing research on 350D, mana tau sekarang you go full time on photography. I really like your work. Photographs by good gear are not hard to get. Photographs by good technique are not too rare. Photographs by good heart and soul are one of the kind. The last virtue is your strongest asset. Good work!

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