Michelle & Jessie – Portraits

Oh the wonders of the world wide web. It really does make the world smaller and this portrait session really proved that point. And why do I say so? Well, Michelle actually googled for Kuala Lumpur photographer and she found my blogsite thanks to the search engine. Wheee!

Though Michelle and her family are Australians, she comes to Malaysia almost every year for a short trip and this time round, she and her sister Jessie decided to have some casual portraits taken for the family album. Yours truly was lucky enough to have been part of the session and I tell you, it was fun fun fun all throughout the shoot!

Michelle and Jessie, I absolutely enjoyed shooting you two! I must thank my lucky stars (and Google too!) for having had the pleasure of meeting the both of you, you’re both waaaay nice and with your laidback Aussie charm, you were totally easy to shoot 🙂 Don’t forget to send me the details so that I can courier the pictures over and I look forward to seeing you two again next year in Perth. Take care! x

  1. hey Anna!
    wow! what nice photos haha jess and i are soooo happy with the photos. You did an awesome job girl – you made us look good! 🙂
    will definitely recommend u to any friends who wanna be a super model for a day 🙂 you’re a way cool photographer!! see u soon when u’re in the land down under!!

  2. hello anna 🙂
    me and michy just saw your photos and couldn’t stop saying ‘wow’! the photos are wonderful, and so are you! you are so creative, artistic, and most of all, friendly! sorry if i was awkward at the start, but you were so easy to get along with that it didn’t take me long to feel comfortable with you! i had fun 🙂 thank you so much anna!!! hope to meet up with you in perth some time! keep in touch and take care 🙂

  3. Hi Jazzmint, I can’t recall whether or not I personally emailed you the location details (cos I remember sending someone else the deets!) but just incase I haven’t, its near the Sg Buloh Hospital, where the leprosy centre used to be. Cheerio!

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