Lareina & Sidi: Portraits

Thanks to Sherrie, I had the pleasure of meeting Lareina recently when she and Sidi came back from Indiana for a visit. First impression was that they’re both quiet and reserved but as we continued with the shoot, it was apparent that Lareina and Sidi have a wacky side to them as well! But of course, those wacky pictures will not be revealed on this humble blog of mine ;p

Lareina and Sidi, it was a pleasure to meet you two and thanks for being so perky despite having to wake up sooooooo early. And thank you too for helping me get that Shootsac cover. Yay! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in KL and have fun catching up with the family 🙂

And here’s a shout-out to Lareina’s parents whom I met briefly before we started Lareina and Sidi’s portrait session. When I was introduced to Mrs Tan, I extended my hand and was about to shake her hand when she pulled me in for one of the warmest, biggest hugs I’ve received in a long time. And you know what? That big hug made my day! So Lareina, do thank your Mama for the best hug I’ve receive in awhile. wOOt!

Lareina’s parents, Mr & Mrs Tan

  1. muahaha. sometimes i call him sindi…lol…it’s actually CD….tho my uncle calls him mp3…yey next time i balik i want moar yah.

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