Maxime & Ee Von : Wedding

I met Ee Von a few years ago when we participated in the same episode for a season of Fear Factor Malaysia. Ever since then, we’ve seen each other sporadically at the climbing gym. So it came as a pleasant surprise to me when she called me up sometime last year and told me she was interested in getting me to be her wedding photographer. My first thought was “What? Young Ee Von getting married?”, then I realised that it has been quite sometime and I’m not as young as I constantly think I am ;p

So the day came and I arrived at Ee Von’s parents house as she was getting ready for the morning festivities of ‘chip san liong’ (picking up the bride) and the tea ceremony. With her close friends around her, it was evident that Ee Von was excited, not to mention a tad bit nervous too!

As Max arrived with his huuuuge entourage, Ee Von’s bridesmaids quickly coordinated everything in preparation for the ‘torture’ session and I must say, we got quite a number of pretty interesting pictures then πŸ˜‰ While some of them are only for the viewing pleasure of Max and Ee Von, I’ll share the less risque ones in the slideshow ;p

To the uninitiated, the Chinese tradition of ‘chip san liong’ is basically a few games/hurdles which the groom and his bestmen have to go through before the groom can ‘collect’ his bride. Some games include stuff like the groom or his best men doing push ups, drinking foul concoctions, eating wasabi laden crackers, wearing paper underwear, getting caught in err…compromising? positions.

And that was basically what Max and his group of ‘brothers’ had to go through. They are by far THE MOST sporting group of people that I’ve seen as they willingly did every single thing the bridesmaids asked them to. Salute!

Their tea ceremony was a short and sweet affair and we had some time for quick casual portraits at the basketball court in front of Ee Von’s home. Much thanks to the newlyweds and their bridal party for being so accommodating πŸ˜‰ And yes, I did the cliched jump shots as well but I’ll spare you all by not posting it up here.

The wedding dinner reception was held at the Jaya Palace Restaurant near Menara Axis. The food there was absolutely yummy! I think that’s one of the good things about having a reception at a restaurant instead of a hotel, most of the time you get reaaaally good food. Thanks for such a scrumptious dinner, Ee Von and Max πŸ˜€

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day. Enjoy!

I was joined by two of my previous clients (and good friend!) Ea Wei and Rudy during the morning tea ceremony. Lady on the right is Adeline, Ee Von’s friend who has top notch Nikon gear! Besides the three of them, I counted at least FOUR other guests with dSLRs (one even had the latest 5D MKII with a 35mm f1.4 lens 0.o). LOL!! It was very interesting experience to be shooting with so many photographers around. Took this shot cos I found it funny that the three of them were chimping at the same time. Heheheeh…

The groom arrives…

While the bride has to wait in her room…

…and gets veiled by her parents…

…the groom and his bestmen, have to go through a number of ‘challenges’ to get to the bride. This includes getting into ‘compromising positions’… ;p

…as well as giving each other piggy back rides and running while doing so (amongst other gnarly challenges :p)Β 

Success! Maxime managed to get to Ee Von ;D

The fun filled tea ceremony πŸ˜€

Ee Von getting ‘bling-ified’ πŸ˜‰

A couple of quick portraits with the bridal party before the rain started.

A very enthusiastic ‘flowery’ πŸ˜‰ entry during the dinner reception

The night ended with hearty toasts from the newlyweds…whom if I’m not mistaken lost their voice the following day :p

Maxime and Ee Von, thank you again for having me capture the tea ceremony and reception for you two! It was indeed an honour (and extreme fun!) to be part of the festivities and I wish you newlyweds mutual love, understanding and happiness in the years to come!


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