November 10, 2008

Jules & Wai - Wedding Reception

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Joey called me up about three weeks prior to her cousin Jules’ wedding reception and luckily, I was available on that day :) Having never met Jules and Wai beforehand, I was a tad bit nervous. But Jules and Wai were absolutely laid back so I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Woot!

Their wedding reception was held at the Sunway Hotel and was attended mainly by relatives. It started off with a tea ceremony in one of the function rooms and continued with a Chinese dinner, wrapping up with a fun, fun dance session lead by a guy from Club Med!

Here are some of my fave shots from the evening :)




The tea ceremony


During the dinner reception



Some shots of the guests :)




Loved this lil kid. He was shooting like a pro with his Dad’s camera. Shoooo cuteeeee!

Dance frenzy to wrap up the night!


Jules and Wai, I had fun shooting the reception and I hope you had tons of fun during your honeymoon in Africa and Sabah as well. It was a pleasure to meet you (albeit briefly ;p) and here’s to many, many happy years ahead!

November 7, 2008

Balik KK bah!

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I had a super busy day on Nov 6 and will be busy shooting a wedding on Nov 8 and a portrait session on Nov 9 hence for Nov 7 we’ll have not one, not two, not three BUT FOUR blog posts.

Yes, I’m still sticking to my quest of having a blog post for every day of November :p We’ll see how long this’ll last.

I CAN DO EEEEETTTTT!! Do it, do it! (Yes, I’m currently buzzing on caffeine. Coffee goooooddd! Wheeeeeeeee!!)


My flight for KK leaves in 4 hours. This time round, I’ll be there for ten days. Yup. 10 days.

Am super excited to be back again as I’ll be busy with shoots throughout both weekends.Though my weekends will be packed with shoots, I’ll have some free time during the weekday.

Was wondering whether or not any of the KK photographers be interested in having a mini meet-up to touch base? Do leave a comment if you’re interested together with your email address and I’ll try to arrange something sometime next week ya?

And to the couples who have emailed me, I’ll be reverting to emails before the end of the day. Thanks for your patience, much appreciated :)

Have an awesome weekend ahead!


P/S - Food for thought.

Pushmore Fitness Centre

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I took some shots for Pushmore Fitness Centre’s website recently.The below shots were taken at the fitness centre at Merchant Square and these are actual members of the fitness centre.

According to Mike Tee, “Yes i know they look like kelvin klein underwear models, but it’s all hardwork, sweat and passion! And nothing less!” LOL! Well said Mike!

I actually received a number of emails when I posted up these pictures on my Facebook. Some friends commented that it looks interesting, that they too wanted to start working out.

So I told them about Crossfit, about working out regularly.

And the reply that I got? Lazy la.

Potong stim dot com -___________-

We just need to make a little bit of effort to start and instead of thinking that it’s too tough, all it takes is one little step.

So for those who want to start working out, why don’t you drop by Pushmore for one workout? After all, the first workout is complimentary :) Yes, freeeeee!! (my Chinese side loves freebies! Valueeee!)

Okay enough of me gabbing on. Hope the chiselled bodies (some of it anyway :p) in these pictures will inspire and motivate you to workout today.


The Muscle-Up

Errr…some members couldn’t really focus on the workout with a camera in front of them ;p

Yes, even Henry G. and Jehan M. was there for the workout of the day.



Yes, Crossfit is for ladies too :D







Jonathan, one of the founders of Pushmore doing a one-hand push up. Nice arr?

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

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Ok, so I assume the title got your attention.

No, we don’t need to save any cheerleaders at the moment BUT you can do your part in saving the world, albeit a small part of it, by signing an online petition to stop the Kelau Dam and Pahang - Selangor Water Transfer Tunnel.

I won’t write much about this because all the information can be seen in the posters below and also this well written article by a Star reporter.



The Kelau river that will be dammed (geddit, geddit? hyuk hyuk hyuk). Pic of courtesy Colin Nicholas.  kelau-1_2.JPG

Had a read through already?If you wanna support this cause, click here and sign the online petition. It’ll take less than 2 minutes of your time and hey, even reading through this post took longer than that ;)

Genting Trailblazer 2008

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Last weekend, I participated in the Genting Trailblazer 2008 with Greg and we had fuuuunnn! We joined as a mixed team in the Adventure Category.It was my first adventure race ever and though friends who’ve participated in it before have told me that it’s one of the easier races around, I didn’t have anything else to compare it with. All I know is, the 14km of trail running (well, more of hiking and jogging) and going through the obstacle course at the end was absolutely fun!

Okay, so it might’ve been because of the pre-workout drink I took before the race which got me really hyped up. But I was literally grinning to myself and talking to my race partner and other racers throughout (well, almost) the entire trail. I talked so much rubbish that I got thirsty within the first 4km and had to steal some water from another friend’s camelbak :p

The first 3 (or was it 2?) km was on road and this was around the golf course area and while I could jog consistently on the flat and downhill paths, when the road veered uphill, I was wheezing and thinking to myself “Gawdammit! I shouldn’t have had that morning puff!”.

But I was on a roll once we got off road! Greg and I hyped ourselves up (and might’ve annoyed the shit out of other racers) by chanting “Trail running is fun! Trail running rocks!” throughout some parts of the off-road trail.

I don’t know whether or not Greg was being sarcastic, but I loved the off-road bit of the race. Whether it was the mud, the clambering about trying to avoid tripping, the steep falls, more mud or slippery trails which had me going, I have no idea.

The trail bit wasn’t all about running, but for me, it involved agility, climbing (yes, some areas were that steep!), ropeworks, sliding down (wheee!) amongst other stuff (okay, okay. I’m not very wordy at this time of the night :p).

I think another reason why I enjoyed the race was the camaraderie amongst fellow racers. I was randomly talking to other participants and while some obviously didn’t feel like talking, a lot of them were really friendly and encouraging.

I have a confession though - I had to leave my race partner behind somewhere at the 8 or 9 km point.

So Greg, here’s a public apology for running ahead. Sorry arrrr but I had to, I was on an adrenaline rush. If I had stopped, I would’ve just trudged the rest of the way :p

And I didn’t tell you this, but when an uncle saw me cheering you on, he said to me “Wah, first time I see girl cheering for boy woh”.

I wanted to tell him the truth, that I’m actually a man. But I was too busy cheering you on :p

Nevertheless, it was fun having you as a partner even though we never had a chance to train together before the race.

And you know why? Because you let me tokkok the whole way without asking me to shut up :D Wheeeee!

And what’s a blog post without pictures right? Below are some pictures courtesy of Sze Ning (she’s the one on the left in the pic below). Thanks for the pics young one!

I need to learn a new pose. No more left bicep flex after this! And look at how clean my top was before the race. I wanted to see how dirty I could get it.

Yes, I can still make faces at the camera while supposedly racing. That’s why I’m the narcissistic wedding photographer. Very the narcissistic.

Greg and I at the finishing line. We finished at 2 hours 40 mins. Target for next year sub 2 hours (or 1:30? :D)!

Bloody dirty but enjoying it! Wooooooottttt!

Can’t wait for next year’s Trailblazer event! Woooottt!

November 5, 2008

My First Me-Me

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I just had to pick the busiest season (wedding season!) to decide on blogging every day. Eeks!

It’s only day 5 and I’m already thinking about whether or not I can keep this up. BUT being the optimist that I am, I’m telling myself that I CAN DO EEEETTTTTT!!

Out of desperation, I’m gonna do a me-me. I knowww, this me-me was actually done a couple of months ago by a few other Malaysian wedding photographers and I’m a bit late to jump on the bandwagon :p

1. Four Jobs I Have Had
~ Front Desk Executive
~ Sales & Marketing Executive
~ PR & Advertising Senior Executive
~ Photographer :)

2. Four things I wish I had done earlier:
~ Picked up photography at a younger age
~ Learn more about investing
~ Pick up cooking (which I still haven’t done :p)
~ Gotten over it

3. Four places I have been (not including Malaysia):
~ Perth, WA
~ Prague, Czech Republic
~ Vienna, Austria
~ Shanghai, ROC

4. Four countries I would like to visit:
~ Philipines, heard the islands are absolutely gorgeous there
~ Laos
~ Spain
~ New Zealand, for the great outdoor!

5. Four of my favourite dishes/snacks:
~ Steamed broccoli, it’s the only vege I eat willingly
~ Edamame
~ Soft-shell crab roll. Yummy!
~ Mum’s chicken soup, made with love :)

6. Four of my favourite desserts:
~ Hot fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. Mmm..mmmmm!
~ Tiramisu!
~ Eeerr…I can only think of two at the moment

7. Four sites I visit daily:
~ The Blog is Found
~ Jasmine Star
~ Jessica Claire
~ Anna Kuperberg

8. Four software applications I cannot live without:
~ Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Lightroom
~ iTunes!
~ MS Office
~ Firefox

9. Four things you may not know about me:
~ I’m left handed
~ I’m extremely self-critical. After every shoot, I analyse the session and kill myself over what I should’ve done. And I know there’s room for more improvement.
~ Having been away from home (KK) for more than 10 years, I feel like I don’t have a place to call home anymore. While it’s true that I’ve been in KL for a long period of time, it still doesn’t feel like home even though I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else at this point in time. Weird eh?
~I regularly have meals by myself in restaurants and though some of my friends find it weird, I think it’s ok. It is ok right?

And that wraps up my first me-me! Considering the fact that I’ve still go 25 blogposts to go, this might not be my last me-me :p

November 4, 2008

The Chongs - Family Portraiture

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The day after Ibraheem and Neyna’s dinner reception, I had the pleasure of meeting up with them and Neyna’s family again :)

With the addition of two new family members in the family (baby Maya and baby Isaac!), it was time for an updated family portraiture session!

It was one of the fastest family portrait session that I’ve done as we wrapped up within half an hour while the babies were still in a fairly good mood ;p

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session.

Uncle Steven and aunty Ainey

With the oldest child, Niney. Niney’s also my ex-schoolmate from All Saints in KK :)

Neyna with her parents

The (used to be) baby of the family, Syahril.


Tough daddies :p Carliff Rizal and baby Isaac + Ibraheem David and baby Maya  

Gorgeous Mums, Ninie and Neyna with their precious ones.

And now for the group family pictures :D



Somebody was reaaally happy when we wrapped the session. Here’s baby Maya flashing me a smile when we were walking back to the room. Adorable isn’t she? :)

To the Chong’s, thank you so much for having me over to shoot your family session (as well as the previous solemnisation ceremonies, dinner receptions and maternity sessions). I don’t think I even need to ask you guys how to pose already, you all seem pretty professional to me now ;)

And aunty Ainey, your food’s da bomb! A special thanks to you Chong’s for always making sure that I’m always well fed. Heheh…happy tummy!

See y’all soon :D

November 3, 2008

Ibraheem & Neyna - Wedding Reception

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Ibraheem and Neyna’s wedding reception was a fun affair!

The reception was held at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and attended by family and friends of the couple as well as Ibraheem’s  family and best friend from UK.

It was performances galore as traditional local dances were presented and the trannies’ lip synching and wild antics had the couple and their guests laughing throughout dinner.

Some candid shots taken before the reception



Entrance to the ballroom. See the framed pic on the left of the picture? That was from their solemnisation ceremony earlier this year and it’s one of my fave shots too :)


During the ‘merenjis’ ceremony

Theirs was the first wedding that I’ve attended which had performances by trannies! Hey, your photographer looks like a trannie too :p I could’ve doubled as part of the performance as well. Hehehe…

Sweetest of all were the speeches by Ibraheem and Neyna. As manly as I may appear, my so-called-feminine side does come out once in awhile and when Neyna teared during her speech, I followed along.

And Neyna, being the sweetheart that she is, just had to say, “Now my photographer’s crying too!” in the middle of her speech. Waaaa, I damn shy dot com wei *blush*

During their first dance



Towards the end of the night, group shots of Ibraheem and Neyna together with their family and close friends were taken. And boy, I tell you, these people can pout! You can see what a ‘pout fest’ we had from the pictures below :D


Ibraheem and Neyna, you two make an awesome couple and with baby Maya along, a great family. Here’s to a future filled with love and happiness!

See you soon :)

November 2, 2008

A Blog Post A Day…

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….keeps the mundanity away.

Yes. I’m back from the Genting Trailblazer event. And was hyper enough to go climbing straight after with my friends :p Wheeee!

It’s not always I have a weekend without any shoots, so I decided to take a break, go all out and have fun! It was an awesome day and I’m now back at the house, ready to edit a batch of wedding pics as well as whip up the next blog post :)

Anyway, this quick post is just to remind myself that I’ve decided to try blogging every single day for the month of November. Why? Just because.

I don’t know whether or not I’ll have enough interesting things to blog about for the whole month so just to warn you that what you see here for the next couple of weeks will be pretty erratic and probably inane too :p

Let the games begin!

Edit: Sze Ning posted up some of the Trailblazer pics on FB, so just to liven up this post (and to humiliate myself by showing you what an absolute ass I can be), here’s a picture of me and my race partner Gregory hamming it up for the camera in the middle of the obstacle course towards the end of the race.


I might look back on this in years to come and think to myself, “Anna, why do you like putting fugly pictures of yourself online and have people see how idiotic you can get?”.

Well, for now, I’m just laughing my ass off over how silly Greg and I look here and I hope it lightens your Monday when you see this. Hehe..have a good week ahead!

November 1, 2008

Up Next!

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Will be heading up to Genting in a shortwhile as I’ll be participating in my first adventure race, the Genting Trailblazer, tomorrow morning.

Feeling a bit apprehensive about it as it’s a 14km trail run (with obstacles at the end) and not only do I have a race partner who’s super gung-ho and has been training for it, BUT I myself have NOT done a trail run before, have NOT trained for this race and I’m NOT fast when it comes to running. Eeks!

Nevertheless, I’m going there with an open mind and I’m gonna have fun (provided my race partner doesn’t kill me for going slow :p)! Wheeee!

Oh and before I sign off, I’ll be replying to all emails once I get back tomorrow night. Apologies about the slight delay. Soweee.

For now, here’s a lil preview of the next post ;) Woot!



Enjoy your Sunday :) Hugs

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