November 20, 2008

Filler Post :p

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My friends have told me that they’re bewildered by the amount of scary/stupid/idiotic pictures of myself I post in public :p

Another friend who checks out the blog regularly has just gtalked me and asked me to quickly post up my latest wedding shoot cos for the past 2 days, he gets the scare of his life everytime he comes to the blog and sees my scary face in the below post :p

Heeheheheh…ok waaaatttt! Scary’s in you know!

I’m in the midst of editing a blog post of one of the weddings I shot back in KK. But since I’ve been requested to put a less scary picture so that I don’t “scare those who drop by” here, well, here’s a(nother!) shot of yours truly courtesy of George of Jofanna Bridal in KK.


Now why would a wedding photographer be shot in a bridal gown?

Edit: Nooooooo. I’m not getting marrieeeeeedddddd. Haven’t found anyone who’s brave enough. Hahahahaaha! Was at George and Jo’s shop back in KK and George wanted to do some test shots. Sooooo George got somebody into a bridal dress and hey presto! You have a picture of a somewhat muscular guy in a bridal gown ;)

12 Responses to “Filler Post :p”

  1. Eudora Says:

    Hey, when I saw it in Jofanna’s Bridal blog, I knew it was you!

    And to answer that your question of yours…you’re the tying the knot too perhaps?

    Heehe ;p

  2. Eudora Says:

    *you’re probably tying the knot too perhaps?

    Heehe ;p

  3. Karen Says:

    I love this photo!! Find it very sexy!!

  4. The Yoga Instructor Says:

    And for fuck sake,
    lepas ni cuba saja-saja put on gambar kau
    pakai baju pengantin bertudung dan berlipstick merah (jambu?).

    Mesti tak jinjang.
    Tapi Kampung Baru.
    He hee..

  5. rumet Says:

    to get a body like that… u must have been carrying lots of photography gears around during the wedding assignments huh? :P

  6. Grace Says:

    Oooh… fascinating picture…. yeah made me pause for a while just now… ANNA GOT MARRIED?! Maybe u should go for your client’s shoots wearing a gown. Hahahaha…

  7. Mark Says:

    Your facebook status didn’t help with the confusion as well!

  8. George Says:

    I really love this picture…very very much.. double toe’s up for Anna!

  9. chaiyen Says:

    oxymoron. nice.

  10. Sean Says:

    I find it hot and sexy …

  11. Prakash Says:

    awesomeness….. and there is no price needed for awesomeness !

  12. Azmi Rahman Says:

    It is still a bit scary, yo! Hahaha!

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