November 17, 2008


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The past 10 days in KK has been great. I’ve met tons of really cool people (bloggers, photography enthusiasts and guests of weddings :D), tried out a new activity (Ultimate Frisbee!! Woooot!), shot some awesome couples and just absorbed being in KK again.

About updating the blog on a daily basis, I think I’ve gotta postpone that ‘target’ for now as November is a crazily busy month. Just last weekend, I spent 2 days (in a row!) of shooting 13-hours PER DAY. Imagine the amount of pictures I’ve gotta sift through no. Gasp!

Funny thing is throughout the shoots I was absolutely upbeat, running on adrenaline. It was last night when I got back to my Dad’s place that I felt absolutely pooped!

But y’know what? It’s all worth it. To partake in these couples big day, to be able to capture their memories for them was an honour for me.

Can’t wait to post up their pictures on the blog, but I’m running short on time now as I’ve got a flight back to KL in an hour’s time so here’s a lil preview of whats to come.




Have a blessed week ahead!


P/S - Didn’t manage to arrange for a proper meet-up session :p But I’ll be in KK again during the first week of Dec so will arrange on then :D Cheerio!

7 Responses to “Pooped”

  1. DorisJ Says:

    I had a great time taking pictures with you lastnite on Dennis & Irene wedding. Shooting with someone so energetic, creative, open minded & very proffesional was my wonderful experience, you are truly amazing wedding photographer and i salute you…from the bottom of my heart thank you so much!

    take care..

  2. julian sabah Says:

    YES!!! FRISBEEEeeeee~~~!!!

    Come back & play! Dont forget to exact REVENGE on “the kid who wants Anna”! XD LOL!!!

  3. Eudora Says:

    Looking forward Rudy’s wedding pictures! ;)

  4. zaza Says:

    wheeeee~~~~ i just LOVE these three shots. yahooooo!

  5. Zie Says:

    Anna, that last shot is award winning material for sure!

  6. Eva Alphonz Says:

    That last picture is AMAZING!

  7. Alex Voon Says:

    Love these shots so much! Had my eyes on these 3 shots for minutes! Keep up the good jobs!

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