November 27, 2008

Of Fitness (& Food!) in Kota Kinabalu

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It was kinda weird to be back in Kota Kinabalu for such a long period of time during my recent trip there. Life’s not as hectic as in KL, I don’t rush from one place to another. As a matter of fact, it’s so laid back that I get fidgety at times :p

But the trip back was great. Not only did I shoot wonderful couples and made some awesome new friends, I’ve come to realise that there’s only so much I can do.

In KL, I’m always rushing around, wanting to do a lot of stuff, not sleeping or eating properly cause of it. Going back to KK made me realise that hey, it’s okay to take a breather once in awhile.

That doesn’t mean I kept myself idle of course ;) Was busy with editing pics, catching up with local photogs and friends as well as pigging out at some of my fave eateries!

Some of my fave places to eat in KK include;
- Kuo Man coffee shop for the kon lou Tuaran mee and the fish slices. pics cause I devoured my food when it arrived :p
- the ngau chap shop in Foh Sang for the (what else?) ngau chap. The ngau chap there is different from ngau chap I’ve tried anywhere else. Been going to this place since I was a wee lil kid, if it ever closes down, I’ll be devastated!
- cupcakes from Bits & Bites! The chicken puff is yummy too!

I shamelessly joined a few KK photogs and bloggers when we were invited by Dinoza for the launch of Imperial International Hotel’s Roof restaurant’s set lunch menu (try reading that out loud, its a mouthful :p).

The Roof offers a few different types of set lunches catering for individuals and groups with prices ranging from RM15 - 25. Not too bad, kinda like home cooking :)



Had the pleasure of hanging out with (clockwise from bottom left) Wendell, Edrie, George and Jofanna during lunch :) Thanks for the great company :D


Besides that, I tried out ultimate frisbee for the first time. It was fun, funnn, fuuuuunnnn! I was never a fan of frisbee cause I can’t catch for nuts.

But with ultimate frisbee, the fact that it’s a team sport and you’re running around like mad while trying to block your opponents catches made it fun for me :D I think another reason why I enjoyed it was cause it was at Tanjung Aru Beach - running on the beach was a grrreat workout for my calves. They were sore even two days after :p

That being said, I am sooooo gonna to drag some other friends to start a noob team with me when I’m not so busy with shoots….which means sometime next year. Hehe..

If you’re in KK and interested to checkĀ out the local ultimate frisbee scene, swing by Tanjung Aru Beach on Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 - 8 pm. Besides that they also play on Sunday afternoon’s at the rugby field nearby but I’ve forgotten what time :p

Oh and as mentioned in one of my previous posts, Alive Personal Defense does kettlebell training in Kota Kinabalu. Here’s some casual shots I took of the fitness centre and a shot of me with Paul the owner and one of his friends :D


I think Paul enjoyed ‘torturing’ me cos after my first session there, each time I went thereafter, he would ask me to carry a heavier weight. Pengsan dot com :p

I’ll be going back to KK again next Tuesday for 2 wedding shoots during the weekend. Looking forward to spending some time with my family during the weekday and hope to be able to catch up with some KK photographers and bloggers again then :)


6 Responses to “Of Fitness (& Food!) in Kota Kinabalu”

  1. Jihan Says:

    Hey my sensei Paul! I did my 1st Dan training with him :) And YES he likes to torture! haha but good workout eh? :)

  2. AZiM Says:

    love ur photos

    sedapnye… lapar plak tgok

  3. jazzmint Says:

    tehehehe…i love the wide angle pic of all the food :P

  4. N Says:

    Hi there, all this remind me of home. KK is a place where people are tend to be more relax. I agree with you, in KL we are always catching up with times and rush here and there, but in KK we tend to be more relax able to be less tense.
    Reading your blog make me miss home more, sigh how i wish I can fly home more often :-P

  5. MengZ Says:

    just loitering and found this site.
    oh my.

    i grew up in sabah now locate in PJ
    the SKA(sabah karate association)remind my childhood
    i practice karate everyweek.

    i miss likas sport complex, my 2nd home.
    badminton karate basketball.

  6. Jaco Says:

    Oi! Thanks for mentioning Ultimate Frisbee in Sabah on your blog. Hows about you come back and play again, we’re growing slowly but surely, but we need some regulars to build a team… and seeing how you liked it… it will also help clear the lungs from the smoking, which you’ve now quite. Right? ;)

    We play at Frist Beach, Tanjung Aru, Tuesdays & Fridays from 6pm onwards, and on Sundays we play on the field near Terminal 2 from 4pm - 6pm.

    We now also have a website at, so you can stay up to date with what’s on and when, as well as how to play.

    See you back again soon.

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