November 12, 2008

Eric, May & TJ’s Family Portraits

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Thanks to a referral from one of my gym friends, Eunice, I had the great pleasure of shooting May, Eric and lil TJ’s family portraits recently.

May contacted me a couple of months prior to the shoot and told me that it was actually a gift for her husband’s birthday. So sweet hor? :D

The day was overcast and really humid but Eric, May and TJ were troopers and were soooo accomodating throughout the session! Thank you guys, I had fun shooting you three :)

Here are some of my fave shots from the session. See you soon!




I like this kid. He finds me drool-worthy ;p Geddit, geddit? (Yes, I am so lame dot com dot my)





2 Responses to “Eric, May & TJ’s Family Portraits”

  1. jazzmint Says:

    love the pics and the place is nice too…is this in KL?

  2. Anna-Rina Says:

    Hi Jazzmint! Thanks :) It’s at the housing area of Sierramas in Sg Buloh.

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