November 13, 2008

Dennis & Irene’s Family Portraits

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I’ll be shooting Dennis and Irene’s wedding this coming weekend and had the opportunity to meet up with their immediate family last weekend during their family portrait session.

It’s great to be able to not only meet the couple whom I’ll be shooting but also their family members cos then I would know to expect on that day. And you know what? I have a feeling it’ll be a fun, fun wedding to shoot!

Dennis and Irene, thank you for the opportunity and I’m really looking forward to Sunday.

Don’t worry about the humongous guest list, just let your hair down and have fun cos it’s YOUR big day ;) Wooot!








And here are some casual portraits of the soon-to-be-weds :)





See you two very, very soon :D

3 Responses to “Dennis & Irene’s Family Portraits”

  1. ghweis Says:

    Hi anna-rina,

    I stumbled upon this place from a friend’s blog, and it really made my day. Each picture will definitely bring back the memories of that moment. The only ‘professional’ photographers I’ve seen so far are those uncles taking passport pics and the so-called photographers who take studio pics in artificial settings. Warmed my heart to read that you actually view each task seriously yet joyfully as an honor to record the moment, and not just another gig. May this passion always be in your heart, cos I believe its a gift from God! Thanks for sharing your work with us =D


  2. mom2ashleyaidan Says:

    eh..i spotted my ex secondary classmate in this picture! what a small world. i sed to go to school with nora, dennis’s sister

  3. mom2ashleyaidan Says:

    oops i dont think nora is dennis’ sister..but anyways…

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