November 10, 2008

Jules & Wai - Wedding Reception

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Joey called me up about three weeks prior to her cousin Jules’ wedding reception and luckily, I was available on that day :) Having never met Jules and Wai beforehand, I was a tad bit nervous. But Jules and Wai were absolutely laid back so I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Woot!

Their wedding reception was held at the Sunway Hotel and was attended mainly by relatives. It started off with a tea ceremony in one of the function rooms and continued with a Chinese dinner, wrapping up with a fun, fun dance session lead by a guy from Club Med!

Here are some of my fave shots from the evening :)




The tea ceremony


During the dinner reception



Some shots of the guests :)




Loved this lil kid. He was shooting like a pro with his Dad’s camera. Shoooo cuteeeee!

Dance frenzy to wrap up the night!


Jules and Wai, I had fun shooting the reception and I hope you had tons of fun during your honeymoon in Africa and Sabah as well. It was a pleasure to meet you (albeit briefly ;p) and here’s to many, many happy years ahead!

2 Responses to “Jules & Wai - Wedding Reception”

  1. Mark Says:

    Woah the kid knows how to handle a DSLR! Future photographer in the making!

  2. Esther Lee Says:

    wow… Anna… I saw some of the photos you took of me and my family - they were great… this is Esther - the litte girl
    in white who keeps tagging along the bride and groom.. and my hubby is were sitting on our table…love the shot of me, my son and the grandma (ah ma)… cheers

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