November 3, 2008

Ibraheem & Neyna - Wedding Reception

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Ibraheem and Neyna’s wedding reception was a fun affair!

The reception was held at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and attended by family and friends of the couple as well as Ibraheem’s  family and best friend from UK.

It was performances galore as traditional local dances were presented and the trannies’ lip synching and wild antics had the couple and their guests laughing throughout dinner.

Some candid shots taken before the reception



Entrance to the ballroom. See the framed pic on the left of the picture? That was from their solemnisation ceremony earlier this year and it’s one of my fave shots too :)


During the ‘merenjis’ ceremony

Theirs was the first wedding that I’ve attended which had performances by trannies! Hey, your photographer looks like a trannie too :p I could’ve doubled as part of the performance as well. Hehehe…

Sweetest of all were the speeches by Ibraheem and Neyna. As manly as I may appear, my so-called-feminine side does come out once in awhile and when Neyna teared during her speech, I followed along.

And Neyna, being the sweetheart that she is, just had to say, “Now my photographer’s crying too!” in the middle of her speech. Waaaa, I damn shy dot com wei *blush*

During their first dance



Towards the end of the night, group shots of Ibraheem and Neyna together with their family and close friends were taken. And boy, I tell you, these people can pout! You can see what a ‘pout fest’ we had from the pictures below :D


Ibraheem and Neyna, you two make an awesome couple and with baby Maya along, a great family. Here’s to a future filled with love and happiness!

See you soon :)

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  1. Rachel Chua Says:

    Wah!!!!!!!!!!! So many beautiful photos!!! thanks Anna! yeah tell me about Aunty’s food…hmph!

  2. Neyna Williams Says:

    Anna… You are the best among the best within the best photographer and friend ever!! I love alllll the pictures… although my first candid one you took picture of my bunny teeth smile… I still love it! hehe .. and maya looks soo la cute… thank you again anna…!! It was lovely and meaningful to have you to take pictures of all our precious moment… I know it’s kinda way to early but, Maya’s one year old birthday… hehe 23rd June 2009…. Please please… me and dave would love you to be there k…. see you next week! XoXo, Neyna

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