July 18, 2008

Editing Pictures

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Some friends have asked me how I get my pictures to look the way they do - the slightly saturated colors, the bright lighting, the vignetting on the sides,etc.

While it is important to get all your settings, compositions and what-nots correct IN camera, I believe that post processing helps in enhancing pictures.It won’t be possible for me to get my pictures to look the way I want them to look straight out of the camera. I like my pictures to be slightly punchier in terms of color. I looooveeeeee colors!

Truth be told, I spend a looooootttt of time on post processing. On an average, after shooting a full day wedding, I’ll be spending a couple of days after that just on editing these pics (and that’s not including designing the photobook layouts).

I do bulk post-processing of my pics through Adobe Lightroom (currently trying out the Beta version of LR2) and I also use Adobe CS3 for the more detailed editing - clearing off spots and wrinkles, cloning out stray hairs, removing that unwanted fire hydrant or the annoying relative (I kid, I kiiiid) from the background, etc.


There are free trials for Lightroom (interface as above) and CS3 on the Adobe website. Once the trial period has ended, you have the option of purchasing both these softwares online. Definitely something I would recommend :)

Besides that, for selected pictures I also use action packs like Totally Rad Actions and Kubota Image Tools for that extra ‘umph!’.

Yes, some might say that they’re really pricey but ever since purchasing these actions, I’ve managed to save a lil bit more time on post-processing and that in turn, enables me to have more fun doing what I love to do - take pictures. Wheeee!

There are also tons of other actions and borders (complimentary ones!) which are available online, one just needs to take some time to google and download these to experiment with.

To find the above mentioned softwares and action packs online, just google the names mentioned and walla! You’ll have the link to the respective sites :D Google rocks ma world!

Hope that helps. Have an awesome weekend ahead!

3 Responses to “Editing Pictures”

  1. Shen Says:

    totally rad is cool. it makes a person who hates post processing like me start falling in love with CS3.

  2. DorisJ Says:

    wow…i must get that software liao..thanks for sharing anna.

  3. Kerstin Says:

    Anna, while we are on the topic…can i ask you a silly question? Are you printing yourself or do you use a pro lab? (Photobooks etc…)

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