October 24, 2008

Carol & Hong - Couple Portraiture

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It was a couple of months ago that I received Carol’s email about a portraiture session. She mentioned that she was from KK but has been working away from home for the past 10 years. I thought to myself, “Cool! Fellow Sabahan!” :)

We corresponded online for a couple of weeks before her trip back to KL with her fiance. Despite both our tight schedules, Carol, Hong and I managed to meet up for drinks a day prior to our portraiture session.

I would usually recommend meeting up with your photographer or at least corresponding with them, prior to the shoot so that you know what to expect, especially for weddings!

Anyway, I don’t know whether its cause Carol and I have corresponded online or it’s just a Sabahan thing, but we could just yak about anything under the sun! Poor Hong just sat there listening to both of us yak on. Hahaha!

Our session was done on a weekday and this was great as it meant there wouldn’t be so many people gawking as the locations that I would usually bring my couples to are public places. That being said, there were some ‘gawkers’ at the location and you’ll see the pics below ;)

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session with Carol and Hong.





Carol is an avid salsa dancer and she’s obviously taught Hong a few dance moves as well ;) Just realised I’ve been shooting quite a number of couples who do salsa (like Olivier and Nadia!). Hmmm…maybe I should pick it up too ;p


We had some ‘extras’ during our shoot. First up was a curious pre-schooler…

…and then came along 2 guys on a motorbike. Heh.

Carol and Hong, I had fun shooting the two of you. Thanks for being so so accommodating despite the hot, hot weather.

Have fun with the rest of the preparations for your big day next year!

And thank you too for the chocolates from Holland! I love, love, love chocolates (which explains the spots on me face!). Hahaha! Layaaaaaannnnn :D

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  1. anis hartini Says:

    I suka la gambar carol nie..sgt lawa :) cun gila….

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