October 23, 2008

Ea Wei & Patriana - Wedding

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A couple of weeks back, Ea Wei and Pat had their wedding ceremony and reception in KL with the church ceremony at the Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya and the dinner reception was held at the Equatorial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I knew I was in for a good time as I had shot their ROM back in September and they make a great couple to shoot :)

Their church ceremony was attended by family members and close friends. A funny incident happened with the wedding bands, but I’m not at liberty to share what I thought was hilarious in hindsight ;p Ea Wei, if you’re ok with me telling the story, I’ll re-edit this blog post and spill the beans pronto! Hahahahah!

And the dinner reception was absolutely great. The reception area was cosy and the settings were beautiful especially the main table’s centrepiece.

As the night proceeded, Pat’s sister Cassie sang ‘L.O.V.E’ for the newlyweds’ second walk-in, Ea Wei had a ‘fun’ time opening up the champagne bottles, Pat and Ea Wei had what I saw as one of the sweetest first dance I’ve seen after so many weddings (I’m not talking about the choreography, but the emotion which was behind it. Yes, yes. It’s the female emo side of me is writing ;p) and the yum seng sessions were loud.

And when I say loud, I mean LOUD! I think I temporarily lost hearing on one side after going around a few tables shooting them ‘in-action’ ;)

Okay, enough of me yakking on. Most of the pictures are in the slideshow at the bottom of this post but I’ve also posted up some of my faves here :) Enjoy!



Saw the below in Ea Wei’s room. LOL! The irony of it all ;p



Love love their expression here. So happy (abadenn?!?)!

Think this looks loud? This was just the tip of the iceberg ;)


Do check out the slideshow below too! Just click on the button and wait for awhile as the pictures load :)

Ea Wei and Pat, you know what I loved most about you two?

I know this sounds really cliche (I have the right to be! I’m a wedding photographer. Ngeheheehe!), but on the day of your wedding, in a room full of your friends and family, you guys had your private moments when you gave each other ‘the look’.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like no one else was around but the two of you and that you two only had eyes for each other. Man, I’m so cheesy that even I can’t stand myself sometimes :p Hehe…

Or perhaps it was just a look which meant ‘Yay! We can do it legally now! :p’ Hehehehe…i kid, i kiiiiiddddd.

Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of capturing your memories for you. Can’t wait to shoot the one this weekend in KK! See you two very very soon :D


4 Responses to “Ea Wei & Patriana - Wedding”

  1. Brian Moh. Says:

    Hey. how are u doing?. Nice photo u have. I aways enjoy it so mach. I think the number of the year is worng in the slideshow!hahaha

  2. eawei Says:

    yes brian.. u’re much sharper than i was…. anna, didn’t realise you could transport us all into the future ;)

    anywyas.. the “funny incident” bout the rings really isn’t my call… it’s more of my best man who errrrm.. made the rings dissapear… then re-appear in a very dramatic manner… it’s really him whom u should ask, as he’s getting most of the sh*t from it ;) having said that.. the rings DID appear ON time… (just!)

    ! thanks for the fantastic pictures! ;)

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