October 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary :D

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Was just sorting out my pictures when I realised that hey, 3 couples whom I shot approximately a year ago will be celebrating their 1st year anniversary!

I still remember shooting their weddings like it was yesterday. Ok, ok. Let’s just say I can remember it as if it was just a couple of months ago ;p

Aaryan and Zanni, your intimate wedding at Carcosa was absolutely memorable. Still remember how the bears (and the BMW emblem!) flew off your friend’s car when you two were driving back after the solemnisation? Haha! That was actually quite funny in hindsight.

Puvan and Kavitha, I am forever grateful to the two of you for inviting me to be part of your gorgeous ceremony. You trusted me and my camera with capturing your ceremony for you even though I had never shot an Indian wedding prior to that ;p So daring arrr youuuu?

Zul & Shakira, I don’t know whether or not I’ve told you this before, but when you two hired me to shoot your wedding in Kulim, the first thing I thought was “What? They’re willing to pay for my flight over there to shoot their wedding?!?”. Hehe. Hope you two are enjoying the first year of marriage :)

To the 3 couples and also the other couples before them, here’s wishing you a very, very happy anniversary and here’s to many more wonderful years to come.

And thank you for having hired me when I was just starting out. Words can’t express how grateful and blessed I feel to have been part of your big day.


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  1. Neyna Says:

    Anna.. I like the picture with the two … is it Indian ka Gurkha guards…!! So cool!

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