August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka :D

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Yes, I know I’m supposed to be posting up the pics from the 2 awesome wedding receptions which I shot recently, but I’m having a hard time picking my fave pics :p Eeks! I so so am gonna finalise my selection by next week!

In the meantime, I’ll just share some fun shots I took earlier today during an impromptu photo outing I had with my young friends - Sherrie, Bang Qin and Nee On :D

Yes, the above shot is not sharp, but I likeeee! ;p


We decided to go for a pre-Merdeka photo outing after I finished a couple portraiture session in the morning. Initially we were a bit peeved off because it started raining right when we decided to go.

But glory be, the rain stopped while we were deciding whether or not to just go on with the outing :)

The weather turned out to be absolutely glorious - sunny day, blue skies (I’m serious - blue, pure blue with no haze!) and ridiculously gorgeous lighting. We were all gushing over the flares that we got from the sun. It was every photographer’s wet dream I tell you!




We took the LRT to Pasar Seni and checked out The Annexe where they had the Rantai-art Merdeka Exhibition. I bought some crafts from the Gerai OA and also an awesome print of a kitten shot (the pussy pic in the pic below :D) by a fantabulous flickr photographer Futuna. Check out her cool shots on the link ya :)


We then walked on to Padang Merdeka where we refined the art of loitering (kutu lepak siot ;p) and I took shots of the young ones while they took shots of goodness knows what :p

Nice arrr pose like tourists? LOL!


Yes, as you can see from the pics, I’m not much of a street photographer. I’ve got this thing about shooting strangers, it feels like I’m invading their privacy (I shy worrrr :p) So most of my shots were of the young ones. Hehehe…



I admit that I am one of the lucky ones who get to do what I love for a living, but going out for a casual photo outing where no one had any expectations of me actually revved me up to look at things in a fresher way. Funny eh?

On another note, as cliche as it sounds, despite whatever’s happening to the current state of the Govt (banning Malaysiakini? think we idiots arrr??), I still love Malaysia - for all it’s faults, there’s just too many great things about the country for me to even think about migrating elsewhere.

Okay lah, enough of my rambling ons. I won’t be working on Sunday (I’m going climbing! Wheeeee!) so I just wanted to wish y’all a Happy National Day and ‘Selamat Berpuasa’ to my Muslim friends & clients.

Have an awesome long weekend ahead wherever you may be :)

Above shot by Nee On

Will be back next week with the promised blog posts :D Woot!

8 Responses to “Selamat Hari Merdeka :D”

  1. calvin tan Says:

    hey! nice out-ting u guy have there. so? since summit close, u guys went back to c5 or go to batu..?

  2. T-RoxXx Says:

    U took an awesome pics..Anyway how do u get those muscle on ur arms?Adore it so much

  3. E Says:

    Oh wow! You look good, woman!
    How come mine never look like that? My muscles I mean!
    Love your pics!
    Please, just a short list of basics of portraits - at least I can take good ones of my kids!

  4. Peky Says:

    Oh my lord!! Your biceps are like to-die-for!!! i want!! :P

    Aiyo..a bit siao leh to leave a comment liddat..keke.. Anyways, looking forward to your next posting…kakaka..

  5. ~J Says:

    Of all the pictures u showed in this entry, i am only amazed by your mucles!
    i know… my comment tu tak related pun dengan entry ni. hehehe… ;)

  6. beyond Says:

    My my..Anna..Ur biceps are getting bigger! :)

  7. emelda Says:

    “Gasp” your bicep is to die for!!!

  8. sharin Says:

    wat a biceps….work it out…work it out…
    firstly think of might want to be ur gym partner and
    secondly to be ur 2nd photographer

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