August 7, 2008

I Am Still Aliveeeeee!

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Yes, o’dear friends who still drop by this blog of mine.

I’m still alive and well.

Been tied up the past couple of days with shoots, editing batches (and batches!) of pictures, finalising layouts for photobooks, meeting up with some corporate clients and just trying to squeeze in some ‘me’ time by working out at the gym.

Yes, I would’ve had time to blog if I didn’t go work out. But for me to sacrifice working out just so that I can blog?! Sacrilegious!

There’s actually tons and tons of stuff I wanna blog about! But, but I’m just knackered by this time of the night that for now, I’ll just post up a lil preview of what’s to come.

A fun, fun wedding of an awesome couple! This one’s gonna be a biiiig post :D

A family shoot with the cutest grandparents ever! Aaaanddd, a reunion/climbing session at Summit Climbing Gym.
031.jpg summit-gang-057.jpg

An awesome maternity session - tho I’m not sure whether or not I can post up some of the pics cos I haven’t asked the hot mama yet ;p 

Besides the above, I’ll have a family portrait session this coming weekend so stay tuned cause once I get my groove back, I’ll be blogging with a vengeance (ya, ya call me drama queen if you will :p)

On a quick note, for couples who are getting married soon, do check out the upcoming Signature Photographers talk which is happening on August 10 (this Sunday). Fellow photographers (and my friends :D) Louis Pang and Jenny Sun are part of the group and they’ll be giving out talks on that day as well. For more details, check out Louis’ or Jenny’s blog.

As for me, I’ll be running (or more likely, walking :p) 10km (eeks!) this Sunday morning during the adidas King of The Road event in Shah Alam AND climbing at the final Summit Roxx Climbing Competition in Summit Climbing Gym straight after.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what I was thinking when I registered for both of these events. Yoiks!

Wish me luck peeps!

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  1. Desmond Says:


  2. Samantha L. Says:

    I’m going for the Adidas run, too. Good luck!

  3. abby Says:

    Good Luck! I manage to miss the registration date for the other run I wanted to enter. It was as if my subconscious telling me “are you kidding me? 10 kms??! get in bed and sleep la bodo”. Hahahaha.

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