July 24, 2008

Francis - Men’s Health Magazine

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A couple of months ago, I was assigned by the Malaysian Men’s Health magazine to shoot some pictures of Francis for the rock climbing feature story. Francis is one of Malaysia’s top rock climber and he’s also the first person in the country to be a certified route setter for international sport climbing competitions.

When I received the call from Kenneth to shoot for a feature story on climbing, I was flabbergasted. Being paid to climb AND shoot? No wayyyy.

It was a sunny day when we had the shoot and headed off to Damai area in Batu Caves for the session. Tong set up the route and I top roped it while carrying my camera equipment in a sling bag.

While I was climbing halfway up, Tong shouted up at me, “Aiya Anna, you should’ve told me you were carrying your gear up. I would’ve helped you hang it up there instead”. Gee, how helpful of him to tell me while I was already halfway up with all my gear :p Hehe…

Here’s a shot of the feature story which is in this month’s Men’s Health. The one below was shot with my camera phone, hence the low quality (yea, yea blame it on the phone ;p). For a clearer view of the article, check out the July 2008 issue of Men’s Health.


And here’s one of my favourite shot which didn’t make the final cut for the magazine. Notice the blue patch at the background? That’s where Tong was belaying Francis from.


I was suspended nearly 25 metres off the ground for about 20 minutes as I asked Francis to take his time since I wanted to take as many shots as possible and throughout the whole time, I just thought “Life is bliss” :)

To the Men’s Health team, thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you guys! Much, much appreciated!

5 Responses to “Francis - Men’s Health Magazine”

  1. DorisJ Says:

    Anna, i salute you..ko jugak lar..!! Thumbs up !!!

  2. Asther Says:

    The pics look yummy! So’s the model. :P

  3. jazzmint Says:

    nice pic…and i suppose u mounted the camera on tripod to get the same shot with the human going up?

  4. Brian Moh. Says:

    Anna, good work.

  5. stupe Says:

    Babe…you are jsut finding excuse to climb, isn’t it? Francis, is as usual, primed and cut!

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