July 20, 2008

Megat & Sarah - Couple Portraiture

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Megat spoke to me a couple of months ago about shooting a couple portraiture session with Sarah, his girlfriend from uni days.

We had to reschedule a couple of times due to conflicting schedules but we finally managed to shoot the session earlier today under beautiful blue skies.

I had fun shooting Megat and Sarah as they were full of enthusiasm and open to ideas as well :) It was such a breeze to shoot them that we managed to wrap up the session within an hour.

That gave us plenty of time to go to Khana Curry House for lunch straightafter the shoot. Woot!

Megat and Sarah, hope you both had fun throughout the session (even tho someone was sweating profusely ;p hehehe..). And thanks for lunch too :)

Here are some of my favourite pics from the day. Enjoy!






Aren’t they gorgeous? :)







11 Responses to “Megat & Sarah - Couple Portraiture”

  1. jazzmint Says:

    nice one. just a question, where was this shot?

  2. Anna-Rina Says:

    Hi! Same location as my shoot with Andi and Rozalin, at the old leprosy centre in Sg Buloh :) It’s an awesome place for shoots - tons of options and backdrops! Go check it out when you’re free la.

  3. Shen Says:

    sg buloh again?! hahahaha… you must pay Louis and Click Magazine some introduction fee ok.

  4. Brian Moh. Says:

    ya, nice place.

  5. zaza@Nazra Says:

    what time was it, by the way?

  6. Brian Moh. Says:

    Thanks. for the answer. Is it. We meat before?. Adidas events? When was it?. So how is the photobook? U like it?

  7. Grace Says:

    Hahah I saw the shots and I immediately knew where this was shot. :) You’re fast, even before any of us got to shoot there for real, you’ve done it already!!

  8. yanti Says:

    na,, that’s superrr gorgeoussss!

  9. Kee Says:

    Wah lau eh…serious ah..u so fast go there shoot lioa ! very good la u :P

  10. Anna-Rina Says:

    Hehe…Shen, Grace and Kee Sitt - ngam2 got couple portraiture session so go there loh. I think most of us would go shoot there again if an opportunity arises ;)

  11. bibs Says:

    great work and absolutely fabulosity!!!

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