July 19, 2008

Super Weekend!

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Earlier today (well technically speaking yesterday), I had the pleasure of shooting a sporting couple’s pre-wedding session. They were up for every single thing I suggested, I likeeee! Hehehehe…

Am itching to share some of my favourite shots from the day - but guess what? I forgot to ask them about posting their pics up on my blog! Silly me.

They mentioned that they were planning to showcase the pics during their reception dinner end of next month so I might just wait till then to post the rest up, but in the meantime here’s a lil preview.


On a personal note, I’ve got such a packed weekend ahead that I’m feeling abit overwhelmed. 1 solemnisation ceremony and 1 couple portraiture session to shoot as well as 2 album layouts to finish off by Sunday. Ye gads!

Funny thing is, at the same time, I know it’ll be an absolute blast! Hehe…yes, I tend to contradict myself quite often.

Wokey, am off to catch some winks before I collapse from lack of sleep :p Toodle-loo!

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  1. zaza@Nazra Says:

    Love the reflection on the piano. Excellent!

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