July 15, 2008

Andi & Rozalin - Couple Portraiture

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I always thought that corny pick up lines only happened in movies.

I was wrong.

When I asked Andi and Rozalin how they first met, they both just burst out laughing before answering my question.

Apparently, this was back in college when Andi was still a shy young lad and had trouble asking girls out. He picked one of the oldest tricks in the book - the coin trick to be exact ;)

Picking up a coin near where Rozalin was sitting, Andi approached her and asked whether or not the coin belonged to her. Corny no? Hehe…immediately after that he just sat down next to her and bombarded her with tons of questions - where she lived, what did she like doing, et cetera.

It was absolutely hilarious to hear that story but I found it absolutely sweet as well. Shy boys do score with hot girls using old school tricks :)

Their portraiture session was to celebrate their 5th year anniversary which was actually on June 1 (eh betul tak? ;p) and I had tons of fun shooting them at the same location in Sg Buloh where Louis brought the workshop participants during his recent workshop. It’s an awesome, awesome location! :D Thanks again for showing us the place Louis!

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session :)




Andi and Rozalin brought along some pictures from their wedding 5 years ago…


…we tried reenacting the same pose. ‘Tried’ being the operative word here before we all burst out laughing ;D


Towards the end of the shoot, Andi jokingly said that I was having fun ‘bullying’ the both of them by getting them to exercise throughout the shoot. He also claims that he lost 10kgs after the shoot. LOL!

When I was looking back at the pics, I started laughing to myself cause what he said was quite true as they had to ‘lift weights’, run, jump and ‘punch through glass’ just to get their pictures taken.ar025.jpg

Maybe I should start offering photography packages which include a workout session as well. Hehehe…

We were about to wrap up the shoot when it started drizzling, thank goodness for umbrellas!


Andi and Rozalin, thank you so much for having fun with me throughout the shoot. You both make an awesome couple and it’s great to see the love and laughter between the two of you.


Thanks also for the lil plush cat and the card. Really didn’t expect it and I really, really appreciate your kind gesture.

Here’s to many more years of laughter and fun ahead :)  from your photographer/personal trainer/’torturer’ :p


2 Responses to “Andi & Rozalin - Couple Portraiture”

  1. Andi Says:

    My gosh..heart attack laa aku pagi2…seeing all those amazing photos! We really enjoyed our session and you totally makes us feel at ease. It was SUPERB!

    ps: would suggest to all married couples to have this photography + workout session wt Anna. I assured you lost few kilos hahahahaha… (especially when you lift up ur wife, chasing, jumping etc) oh yaaa shes the mastermind behind all these. Will bring my sports gear next time :D

    You rocks Anna!

  2. hayati Says:

    …fun shots! lovely couple..

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