January 13, 2009

Priscilla & Raymond

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Thanks to a referral from Vera & Philip (who was the first couple to fly me to KK to shoot their wedding even when I wasn’t a full time photographer yet! I’ll always be grateful to them for trusting a noob then ;D), Priscilla recently contacted me to shoot some portraits for her and her fiance Raymond at the Maple.

We corresponded via email for a couple of days before the shoot and in one of her emails she said, “The only problem is probably we are both are kinda not photogenic people so we need help on that score indeed hehehe but we surely will try our best to follow what you ask us to try :)”

Cilla, all I have to say to that now that I’ve met you two is, “Liaaaarrrrrr!!”. Heheheh…

I don’t know whether or not I told you both of you this (maybe I didn’t, since it’s so corny), but to me, you two ARE photogenic. I honestly don’t think its how you look which matters at the end of the day, but how you connect with each other.

Throughout our session, you and Raymond  were unabashedly loving to each other, you gave each other real kisses (instead of light pecks!heehehe) and the genuine smiles and laughters warmed my heart and made me feel blessed to have captured real emotions instead of only posed shots.

Cilla and Raymond, it was a pleasure to meet you two, congratulations again on your upcoming nuptials and have fun with the preparations for the wedding :)

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day. Enjoy!








2 Responses to “Priscilla & Raymond”

  1. Jenny Sun Says:

    yay! Sentul Park! Love this place :) I did a shoot there just last month! Its great :)

    Keep blogging Anna!

  2. Raycillient Says:

    Hi Anna!!

    Bonjour from both of us from Paris!! :) It took me this long to make a comment on here coz we didnt have the time to drop you a line and say Merci BEAUCOUP!! We have been showing your work to friends here and they are mighty impressed with your work my dear :) anyhow want to thank you a zillion bunch for a wonderful day spent wt us at sentul and i must say both me and ray are so delighted that we cant imagine it was really us in those pics hehehhe so my dear we hope to be in contact with you again for our wedding reception back in KK sometime in July?? i hope you will be available thats all we can hope for :) once again my dear merci beaucoup from both of us here in Paris!

    Love always,
    Ray & Cilla

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