December 27, 2008

Sneak Peek

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…or ‘The Mother of All Teasers’.

Yes, this is ANOTHER teaser post.

Well, sorta.

I just wanted to post up quick note to inform everyone that I am officially on leave (yes, unbelievable BUT true! I’m on a much needed break. Wheeee!! :D).

I’m out of KL till January 1, 2009 and while my mobile will not be turned on, I’ll still be replying to emails every other day.

A belated Merry Christmas wish to everyone out there :) Here’s to an awesome New Year ahead for all of us.

See you all next year and do drop by the blog to check out more pictures from the sessions below :) 


Jullian & Marie’s Fun KK Reception

The Tan’s relaxed family portraits at the park

David & Laura’s pre-wedding session

Devi & Herman’s solemnisation

Caroline’s family portrait session

Johan & Alia’s solemnisation

Kat & Sern’s tea ceremony & reception

And why in the world are they both so happy and why she’s pointing at me? ;) Find out more soon!

4 Responses to “Sneak Peek”

  1. ian Says:

    wah! busy girl!

  2. edrie Says:

    Happy holidays babe! :) don’t forget Tak Nak! tee hee!

  3. jazzmint Says:

    wah u busy like anything…happy new year ;)

  4. idzrona Says:

    alia soraya got married??

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